• No, we all got it, even if we voted for the non idiot.
  • No I think the entire world got what they(the red states) deserved.
  • Well, Dubya voters probably deserve what they got, but the rest of us don't.
  • They reaped what they sowed, maybe, but NOBODY deserved that!!
  • The entire country got what it deserved. However, the sad thing is that the people that actually voted for him didn't count, it was those that voted against that were overturned so that he could win. Now, that's the real sad shame
  • I don't believe they actually deserved what they got. I don't believe they knew they where going to get what they got from this guy. I would not go far to say he is a complete idiot or a moron, but I most certainly say that as a leader he sucks.
  • Nobody deserved that!!!!!!!!!!
  • I dont think because you vote for someone you agree with all their actions and/or decisions, most dont know how they candidate will do until they get into office.. I am not sure what they deserve, but we as individuals, live way above our means, I cant blame the government for that part.
  • Do you believe that people who voted Democrats into office got what they deserved? The entire financial crisis was the direct result of the Deomcrats control of the financial system but, of course, it was Bush's fault I guess so yes, we got what we deserved! I love irrational thinking and denial en masse, it's fun!!
  • I am by no means a christian but that man would be on par for devil.
  • I believe that people who voted for OBAMA are going to get what they deserve!!! just sadly at the EXPENSE of all the others who didn't vote for him and don't deserve what he is doing to America and TRUE Americans....
  • Well there are question marks over weather he was even democratically elected.
  • this question makes no sense. those who did and those who didnt vote for bush got the same thing. what is it these people got? and how did they deserve it?

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