• Do NOT give out your bank account number or any other personal financial information!!! This sounds like a scam to me.
  • Who writes this stuff?! Yes it is a scam!!! Report it to ur ISP or E-Mail Server to stop them scaming again. Poor people who fell for that one.
  • It IS a scam!!!
  • A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. . . . . .and I do mean ANYTHING. . . .is possible!
  • How did this stranger happen across you? This is an obvious scam. NEVER EVER EVER give out your account information. Why can't HE just send YOU a cashier's check?
  • It's almost certainly a scam. You may end up with no car, and an empty bank account!! Tell him to send a cheque or get lost!!
  • What does he need a car out at sea for? THINK!!!!!! Ask your ISP where the message is coming from, it's probably not from a ship. You can safely give your paypal ADDRESS to anyone because it is usually the same as your email address. Don't give a bank account number to ANYBODY!
  • Definitely. When there is always a reason they can't come in person and are sending an agent or offer to pay any other way than cash - WATCH OUT! Do not give this person any financial information like bank account numbers.
  • Like the others state, anything is possible. Having dealt with Paypal, i would say to check this person out with Paypal Security. they will give you this persons dealing with Paypal and then you can make your decision. I would only use Paypal and no account numbers should ever be given.
    • mushroom
      This is just like the wallet scam, electronic version: the "buyer" will ask for a "deposit" from you first, to "verify" that the payment will transfer properly, or some other excuse to get money from you first. At that point, you drop out of any deal.
  • yes it just happen to me now, its same case like you. he said he is in the sea, he's an oceanographer. he said that he will tell his agent to pick up the car. but, after many consideration i just won't give away the car. so what did you do afterward? do u still remember the email address?
  • Heavens no.
  • Are you selling the car? If not, then it's a no-brainer: SCAM. If you do have the car for sale and can collect the money via Paypal, then what's the problem? Once the money is in your pocket, you shouldn't care if the car drives itself to the crusher. Paypal has protections for buyers and sellers. Don't listen to any of the Paypal horror stories you hear once in a while - these are told by people who never learned how to use Paypal properly and have thus screwed up their account. I've used Paypal since it was known as "Front-Me-The-Money Pal" and I've never had a problem with it.

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