• Well, I don't care what a lot of people think about me, for sure. I have friends and what not, but I am NOT spending my life kissing up to people I don't like.
  • It doesn't but that doesn't mean you should be mean or unkempt. Present company excepted of course.
  • Because I am me and that is all that I am.
  • It's a mental defense mechanism for people who feel they are inadequate. It makes them feel better, even though they didn't get the good job, the woman they wanted, the loan they needed, or any of a million other things that come easier if people like you.
  • Because IT DOESN'T MATTER. At least I couldn't care less about what "people" (not the ones I care about) might say. They don't know me, they always judge you for your mistakes, they never ask "why are you doing this?", they just talk, and their talking means nothing to me because it's like... like men talking about labor pain. They don't know shit about it.
  • The harder you try to be 'liked' the less you will be. You have to be comfortable in your own skin...and people can sense if you're not.
  • I think it is because they honestly do not care how others view them. To them they are living their lives and not out to impress anyone. Should we allow what others think to push us into being something we are not? Or would we be better just being ourselves and demanding respect for who we are and not what others want us to be.
  • What precisely is the value of the opinions of fools?
  • Because they've reached a point in their lives where it's actually not important any more. Pinicle of success reached, they no longer feel the need to impress. THEY impress all by themselves.
  • because they are tired of all the crap everyone gives them about there apperance and what they say, when they should really just have fun and be theirselves!!!
  • Because sometimes, sometimes, they're right and everybody else is wrong.
  • They are either lying or fools. I does matter what people think of you. You are going to rely on yourself to decide what kind of person you are or how you run your life. isn't the most important part oflife feedback. Feedback allows everything in the world to be modified so that it works better. If someone told you that you were coming across in a kind of way that you didn't want to come across, don't you think you would like to know. Everyone believes what kind of person they are. Everyone else actually sees what kind of person is being presented.
  • They realize that passersby don't control their lives and that you don't need everyones acceptance to live your life or else they wouldn't be happy.
  • Someone who doesn't care what other people think are very sexy...they don't CARE if you or I find them appealing...what could BE more sexy than that?
  • Because it really doesn't matter. You can either whine and bitch because this one doesnt like you..this person thinks you are whatever..this person told this person..ohhh good lord..Everyone has opinions..just like they all have asses..If you are good with yourself, to hell with what anyone else thinks..gotta be true to you..sometimes that doesnt win fans..but it's satisfying to you..;)
  • When a person is content with themselves and has good self esteem, then other's opinions carry much less weight. Comes often with maturity.....but I know of some youg folk who have learned this healthy attitude from parents....

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