• wait for him to go to sleep and beat him with a bat, break a few bones and make sure he needs stitches, trust me he's too much of a pussy to call the cops on you
  • Tell somebody!! And stay away from him FOREVER and if he even so much as talks to you, call the police.
  • That's exactly what he wants. He wants you to be too afraid to get help. And then he'll do it again. They always do. You need to leave him, tell someone and get help. Call the police! Get a restraining order if you have to.
  • He told you he would hurt you more. I hope to high heaven you do not live with him. Its one thing when they dont tell you there going to hurt you and they do its another when they ACTUALLY TELL YOU. RUN RUN RUN RUN. It only escalates from there. Do you value your life? Leave. Tell mom and dad. Tell them everything that he said. The one thing that abusers hate and I am speaking from experience, they hate it when you communicate with outside people about stuff. My ex hated that I am close with my family and when stuff happend i would go to them for advice and it pissed him off. He expected that I would share the good with them only and not the bad. YOU HAVE TO RUN!
  • Get rid of him NOW!! Refuse to have anything more to do with him. If he hits you again, call the police and file a complaint. You have to dump him NOW, Anonymous, or you may end up dead down the road. As a survivor of domestic family abuse myself, please take my advice.:)
  • you really only have 3 options... 1. call the police and have him arrested, press charges and get a restraining order so if he does come back around he will be arressted. 2. Put up with it, hope it doesn't happen again 3. say you want to talk it over, wait till he comes inside...when he walks in the door, lay his ass out with a shovel and then kick the shit out of him while he is on the ground and then ask him how it feels. I suggest picking option 1 or 3
  • Call the cops immediately and then carry a weapon with you.Once he attackes you again you have to defend yourself no matter how!!! Anything goes to make this ahole stop treating you like shit!!!
  • go to the hospital get medical evidence then file a police report and restraining order! i saw it on oprah and it sounds like the best thing to do.
  • If i was you , I would break his every fingers and every inches bones on his body. then tell him , go f&^* himself . he's a stupid pussy !! and tell him if he ever touches you again , you gonna go after him and make him suffering like he would wish it would be better to be in the hell.
  • Here is what you need to do.... * call the police-file a report and get a protection order * tell your friends and family members (parents and siblings no need to tell everyone) what has happened. Give them his name, phone number, address and the license plate information from his car just in case God forbid he should do anything else to you, they have this information and can give it to the police * if you live with him either move out or kick him out. If you don't have the money to move out call a domestic abuse shelter and get their help. Do not be ashamed if you have to move into a shelter, be proud that you got out of a horrible relationship * get some counseling, physical abuse does not only hurt you physically it hurts emotionally too I let my ex get away with hitting me too many times. Now I have a brain injury that will never heal thanks to him. Get out now, put his butt in jail. Go to court and testify against him. I know you are scared, but you have to do this for yourself. Email if you need a friend to talk to.
  • could always invite him over for a dinner you cooked, drug his drink throw him in the trunk and drive to the nearest pig farm and feed him to the hogs, he doesnt deserve to treat you like this and if it isnt you it'll be the next girl, if you wont save yourself save her.
  • you need to leave now!! you have to tell someone. it will get worse if you dont. or beat the shit out of him and run like hell. i had the same problem thats what i did.
  • There is never any reason to stay in an abusive relationship ESPECIALLY if it is physical abuse. Confide in a friend, or someone you trust, come up with an exit strategy and file a restraining order if you fear for your safety. Be strong, and be safe
  • I agree with the others. You need to get away from this guy asap! You also need to get a restraining order so he cannot be anywhere near you. Please do not fall for his lies. He will say he Loves you and will never do it again. But he will do it again. I know from experience. I will not allow a man to ever hit me again. No man is worth putting up with abuse. Get out while you still can. I will be praying that you make the right decision and have nothing more to do with him. He is not worth it and he does not Love you if he can hurt you emotionally or physically.
  • Tell someone, run, do whatever it takes to get out of this situation. Abuse is never OK!!! Please, please tell someone. But in all honestly, he should not still be your boyfriend, and if he is, this means your afraid to breakup, and that's even worst. Please leave.
  • If it was me, I'd kick him in the nuts with my platform boots.

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