• They mean,unplug them when they are on standby mode.
  • many new devices have electronic monitoring circuits that remain ON even when the device appears OFF. Televisions use power to keep the display circuits 'warmed up' so it will come on quickly and the remote control circuit is always looking for commands. Any plug in power supplies, power packs, chargers, transformers, adapters all use a small amount of power while plugged in to keep their circuits active and ready even when they are not connected to a device. The only way to be sure a device is not consuming power is to unplug it.
  • most modern appliances have a coloured standby light that glows when the appliance is turned of at the switch , this is what is using power and if you go around your house and look at all the things that are on standby then you will see how much power they do use even when they are not being used ( if you know what I mean). One report came out and said that the average house pays an extra $150 per year in electric charges just from appliances left on standby... so yes they do use power
  • If it has a light, clock etc, it's using power.

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