• well it kinda hard to tell since you dont exactly say wat the misunderstandings were. but he requested a break after 6 months i'd say he wasnt sure if he was all tht into you. but you say you talkd then he say he needs to think about it. i stay with my previous statement. as far as wat you can do? jus give him his space, wen you need time to think you want time to yourself. give hime sumtime. depending on how long ago this jus happend give him at least a day or 2. if he dont call by then you call him. what was is your relationship like? smooth rocky jagged?
  • If he broke up with you, let him have his break. The best thing you can do is to go on and have fun without him. Spend some time with your girl friends. Read some books. See your family. Don't even mention him. If he is still interested in you he will seek you out again. If he isn't and you try to force him back into a relationship, you will wind up being used and unhappy. Go have fun. Life is good.
  • relax. think if you really like him or just don't want to be alone. Things have a way of working themselves out. you'll be fine. :) smile

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