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  • Depends on what im looking for. A relationship would be 50/50. A one night stand i dont really care about personality that much.
  • personality you wouldn't find a single person who thought otherwise
  • depends on how shallow you are as a person.
  • cooking skills
  • A look with personality and a personality worth a look.
  • Ahaa i can never answer questions like this! Middle option please? All looks & no personality = nono all personality & no looks = just as bad
  • Absence.
  • personality is the best thing fo liking people.
  • Personality is my priority but its 50-50.
  • Overall personality is the most important. True I want someone I am attracted to physically but if he has a horrible personality it will mean nothing. Beauty on the inside far outweighs outside beauty.
  • Personality!
  • Personality all the way.
  • it used to be looks; then i got severely hurt in a relationship. i mainly look at personality now, looks are just a bonus :D
  • Personality. I've met some beautiful people who are so rude I couldn't stand to look at them.
  • counts too
  • gotta have both
  • i think personality is more importanat because you can't actualy love someone for their looks you have to love them for who they are and what they are not how they look.......
  • to be honest as a female we do go for looks FIRST. Second after were talking if your a bone head theres nothing there.
  • A mix of both. I'd be a liar if I said looks weren't important. Keep in mind we have to see a person every morning when we roll over. That said though looks without a great personailty is like cracking an egg and nothing comes out. Looks might get my attention but personality will keep it.
  • Personality 70%, Looks 30%. Looks may not be everything, but you gotta at least make the most of the situation, ya know?
  • I think most people who answer 'personality' are being disingenuous. The initial attraction almost always involves 'looks' but personality is what keeps you attracted to that person. Many women (or men) would not give you the time of day no matter how great your personality if you did not appeal to them physically. Looks are much more important to the great majority in initiating a relationship. It is only afterward that personality usually become the greater factor.
  • Personality without question.
  • Personality as long as she's cute
  • Personality as long as she's cute
  • In my opinion, looks provide the spark, and the personality provides the fuel for the long term fire.
  • Which ever one goes with money. Looks. Like sincerity, you can always fake personality.
  • You kind of need both. You need to be worth a second look to get one, but it's pretty much moot point if you can't hold a conversation that doesn't end in a brain aneurysm or a fight.
  • A sweet, funny personality...they have to be funny, because I love to laugh! Also they have to be smart enough to carry on an intelligent conversation
  • i think that personality is so much better than looks b/c you could be going out with someone and they could look mad good but then again you may not like who the real person they are and if you are still with them you are technically just using them as a trophy gf or bf and thats not right! As therefore you could simply being out with someone that isn't the best lookin girl or guy but you really like them just because they interact wiht you and you both get along and then again you have someone you can trust and turn to whenever you need their help and advice...but thats what i depends on the person! but do whats right for you...not for anyone else
  • the "character traits" of ones personality...loud vs. quiet..brass vs gentleness, selfish, i picked my life long friends and it hasn't failed me doesn't take much to see a person's true colors..a "people person" personality in no way can show a true friend..:)justme
  • At the beginning, it's looks, but personality comes from within and sticks around the longest.
  • The looks- The person has to be happy with themselves and clean The personality- That have to be fun to talk to, communicate and support etc etc I'd rather talk and have fun talking to some one who can hold a conversation. I'd def. pick this over some one who is all looks and inconsiderate.
  • It's what's inside a persons heart that is important. Many people who depended on their looks to get by will be caught empty handed when those looks begin to change as they age.
  • Personality... by nature she is just stunningly beautiful, but chemotherapy, radiation, vomiting and severe weight loss and skin lesions haven't stood in the way of my lust for my lover even for a moment. There's no one else I look at, and it's truly because of who she is.
  • Personality. I like to tell the story of a girl I met in college. She was not overweight, but otherwise she was one of the most physically unattractive girls I've ever known. Her face was pinched, her skin tone was awful (and it was hereditary; her brother had the same problem); I felt sorry for her. I ran into her again a few years later. I think that during the intervening time she must have had a heart-to-heart with herself, decided that physically she was what she was, and she was just going to make the best of it and go on. She had become outgoing, vivacious - even a tad coquettish. I found myself attracted to her in spite of her physical shortcomings, which had not changed. It was a real eye-opening experience.
  • on first sight looks. i wouldn't flirt with a girl that I think is ugly. But if you get closer personality is more important.
  • Are you looking for an honest answer? Well, here is mine. Looks and personality are both important. I doubt I'd be interested in dating a guy who dresses sloppily, has very bad hygiene, wears dirty clothes every day, and doesn't know how to talk to people. The guy I am currently dating knows how to take care of himself. Not only does he carry himself well, but he is also responsible, caring, honest, fun, playful, and kind. He is quite handsome, if I do say so myself. He has a great attitude towards life and he has an amazing personality. If I could choose anyone else, I wouldn't, because he stands out from the rest. Right now, it's to the point that no matter what he looks like, he will look good to me because he's one of those guys who have a genuine personality and a caring heart, and anyone with those qualities in some way looks good to me. A guy could be the most drop-dead hot guy according to the world's standards, but that doesn't mean that I find him attractive. Does that mean I find one (looks or personality) more important than the other? Who knows? Does it matter to me? No, because I'm already with a guy who has a genuine personality who happens to be extremely handsome.
  • Personality, although, I still want to be attracted to the person that I'm with. That is more of a want than a need, however.
  • Personality, and Good Looks are a bonus.
  • looks. i can deal with and get along with all different personality types. but there are some girls i wouldnt be caught dead with do to my lack of physical attraction to them.
  • PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Personality because its the connection I'm looking for, not a "trophy husband"
  • Personality someone could be the hottest dude in the world but if thier a prick it's an auto turn off. And I'm not saying i'd go out with a fun guy who was hard to look at i'm just saying i have to be able to get along with someone well before I can base an opinion on how they look.
  • Personality to be honest ... Don't get me wrong looks are important, and you should take care of yourself (e.g your skin) I wouldnt exactly talk to a guy with an awful personality though. Looks are just like another great thing to add IF they have a nice personality.
  • To date or marry: if I were blind, only personality, BUT, I'm not, so looks, too. (At least MY guy is gorgeous... ) As a friend: personality. As you get to know people, the more beautiful their personality, the more gorgeous they become to me. (Totally true.)
  • mmmm I think someones personality really can enhance their looks. my fiance and I came to the conclusion that the only reason why i think he is so drop dead gorgeous is because he's an asshole, lol sooooo......PERSONALITY? lol
  • personality and btw i am going brisbane for my holiday

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