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  • Well it's useful in that trying to be someone else is only temporary and serves only to deceive which never turns out well.
  • doens't work until you're out of college :)
  • It is useful if being yourself you are quite a nice person. If you are normally a grotbag and want to change it is not a lot of help :)
  • Crucial! for me there is one thing - honesty! so just be yourself, honestly :)
  • being yourself removes the conflict, supposidly satisfies because whatever comes of the situation at least you handled it YOUR way. may not be the most efficient, but you're free because you did it your way. whatever it is. unfortunately our actions are ridiculed and speculated about, seemingly in comities formed by lookers on, and we have to endure their judgement for whatever it is we apply ourselves too. simply put, find a non-criminal way of dealing with the lookers on and your answer is most usefull. otherwise you have to constantly hear their input and change yourself to satisfy the crowd, which changes for each situation and often isnt worth your time. hope this helps. if your in high school I'll tell you life doesnt change much, the onlooker is always there and never chooses to hold their tongue. its life as a materialist, capitalist, and economy driven society. if its a girl, "be yourself" is because its easy to tell if someone is pretending, and it makes you look a fool, also leaves what your realy like to the imagination, which leaves other people as better options.
  • Very, but it has been repeated so much by people who have no idea how hard it is or what it means that it has become a cliche.
  • Helpful if you know who you are to the core. Simply means dont try and be someone else to please/remedy a situation.
  • I have no doubt that Hitler, Gandhi, Pol Pot and Jesus were all being "themselves" when they did what they did. What that says about the usefulness of that old adage is unclear to me as well
  • being yourself can be good advice because who else are you going to be lol :)
  • Sometimes not a whole lot if you are a negative or thereabouts person. For the most part, it helps in that you won't pretend to be someone you are not, which can get you in trouble down the line.
  • Useful? To the person who takes it, not necessarily for anything other than a clue to personal happyness.
  • Not very useful! Every time I do be myself, I'm criticized for it. It's a hypocritical statement which when it comes right down to it nobody really means and nobody really does. We can't be ourself. We have to be politically correct, we have to be tolerant, we have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we can't portray a "double standard," etc. So don't give me this bullshit that I can "be myself!" You really wouldn't want me to be now would you?
  • It's great advice..may not seem like it in every situation that someone may tell you that..but you will come to realize that if you cannot be arent going to be relationships, or life in general. Being yourself takes a bit of courage though because truth is, not everyone is going to like you..the strength comes from..not giving a damn if they do or not..The ones that you will keep around..are the ones that like you..being you :)
  • Advice around here ranges from profound to idiotic.
  • I am always myself. I don't care if people like me or not. but if they do like me they are supposed to like me as I am and not as how they wish I was. So yeah, I'd give that advice to everyone: BE YOURSELF
  • I am always myself and I never try to be like others as I'm not a follower and I am a leader In my own mind.
  • "Be yourself" is more of a reminder. I think what you are looking for is what it really means, am I right? I can help you with that if you want. I don't mind :)
  • When you think about that question, who else would/could a person be besides "themselves"? Sometimes we might act like someone else, and I guess that is why there is the phrase "Be yourself".
  • It's okay if you are happy with who you are.
  • not at all what if i am a asshole that hangs out with other assholes then im screwed listening to that advice
  • well, nobody is themselves, so it is bad advice. look at people that meet up with old friends, they immediately turn back to who they where back then.
  • Its god awful.. its like, who else would i act like. Seriously? im not gna go to a job interview and pretend im MJ or something..
  • shit. I'm always myself. that's like saying to a brunette, be a brunette. erm, duh. next time somebody says that to you, just say what I say, which is "FUCK OFF, if you don't have any decent advice, don't speak at all, you doss git." :p
  • You have to be what you are , you cannot pretend to be somone else for lifetime , one day or the other u the truth is gonna come out :) so its better to be urself in all aspects:)
  • i've always tried to be myself most of the time unless i want to mimiv them. lol. =P
  • i think its very useful :] its just saying for example, if somebody makes a joke, dont laugh if you dont think its not funny, just because everybody else is! Show what type of humor you have, and others will love you for you and yourself only!
  • 6-23-2017 People who say that actually mean "Be perfect, and act like it comes naturally."

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