• Most definately!
  • Someone did that to my car once, even though I was parked correctly. I think it was because he was drunk and when I pulled into the space, it startled him, because he was standing too close to the curb. It was very expensive to fix it, and I would never do that to anyone else. I don't believe in "getting even" and I never have. When I was a child, I was taught that revenge was a sin, and when I gave up religion, I realized that it is a very uncivilized behavior.
  • I do. I also have the urge to kill some people from time to time but I don't do that either.
  • I would never do that, but I do carry some stickers to put on such cars with a little note on them.
  • Keying is too obvious. If I were of such a mind, I'd stick a bic lighter into the tail pipe far enough to get stuck in the muffler. Eventually that thing would ignite after it got hot enough. Speaking hypothetically.
  • I like to see if it is at all humanly possible to park my car right next to theirs, preferably on their driver's side. Even if I have to crawl out of a window to do it. Then I take down THEIR license plate number and vehicle description just in case they key MY car. And then I'll watch from a distance for entertainment! I once had the PERFECT car for this about 15 years ago. My car was having severe mechanical problems, so one of my brothers said: "Hey! If you can take some leave and ride a bus back home with $40 in your pocket, we'll buy a voltage regulator and brake cylinder for my Volkswagon Squareback, fix it up, and you can have it!" This care was AWESOME! A 1970 Squareback, with no A/C, no radio, no front passenger seat (brother had taken it out to repair upholstery and then separated/divorced his wife, so he never got it back), no heat in the winter (heater quit working), hubcaps rusted off, back hatch wouldn't lock, and the battery cable going to the starter corroded through (which meant I either had to push the car and pop the clutch to start it or I had to turn the ignition on and use a jumper cable from the battery to the starter terminal). Pretty much it was the ULTIMATE beater car to drive around! Not only was it not worth stealing, but you COULDN'T steal it unless you knew how to get around the starter problem. And so what if someone keyed it? I called it my "Babemobile", because if you picked up any women in this car they would automatically be in the back seat, what with no front passenger seat and all! My girlfriend (my wife now) thought the car was cute. Once upon a time, the ONLY parking space near where I needed to go to work was taken up by two new vehicles who thought the best way to ensure nobody would park next to them was to park over the lines. WRONG ANSWER! I jockied my car around to get a straight shot between them, pulled right in with less than a half inch to spare on either side (yes, I measured it!) and then crawled out through the back hatch! I figured what's the worse they cold do to my beater? Break a window or something? And I had their description/plate numbers, so retribution would be forthcoming if that DID happen! Because there were only so many places these people could have parked at in that area, so I WOULD see them again!
  • I never feel like keying anybody's vehicle. I've had my vehicle keyed for no reason at all and it made me mad! When people are parked in two places, I just go find another place to park. No big deal!
  • It actually annoys me to no end when people park badly. My apartment is street parking, so one goofball can ruin my prospect of getting a spot anywhere near where I live. I think that good judgment on the road also comes down to parking skills, and it is shocking how many people are... ignorant... when it comes down to it. I don't think about keying the car, necessarily, but I have definitely gotten really irked over it.
  • Although I have never keyed anyone's car , It has crossed my mind before. People who take up two places are rude, self centered, inconsiderate douchebags... Plain and simple !!! Oh !! and just FYI .... Brake Fluid works much better than a key on automobile paint ! It will spread out and eat it's way clear down to the metal ;-)
  • I had a better idea long ago when I was in College. This car was parked halfway out of it's place at the grocery store. I mean it could have been "hit" at anytime. I wrote a note and stuck it to the windshield that said "I HAVE JUST HIT YOUR CAR. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING ME, THEY THINK I AM GIVING YOU MY NAME AND PHONE NUMBER. THEY ARE WRONG!" Came out from buying groceries and there were cops everywhere. A plain cloths cop was reading my note and was trying to calm the lady down. When I went up to where I had parked, I observed that her car and in fact BEEN RUN INTO and the drivers side was caved in. The car that hit her had fled the scene and all the cops could figure out was that the person who struck her car had left the note. There were no witnesses. The next day a picture of my note was in the newspaper along with the story about how the MAYORS WIFE had her car damaged while shopping, and anybody who knew who wrote the note were to call the cops! Pretty funny but it was better than "keying."
  • nope. unless the person is old and confused. then its ok.
  • Actually, no. One of my bros has a 4x4 lifted duelly truck. The wheels stick out, and when he parks it he'll purposely look for a spot away from other cars if not he'll take two spots up. People don't give any consideration to other vehicles, in a compact parking space...bigger vehicle needs more space. Plus, its a good looking truck, and he doesn't want any of your snot nosed kids to swing their door open and hit his truck. You don't want to pay for any damage, so were taking two spots, and all of us will be happy! :)
  • I have to say I've had the urge, yes... just not followed through... my luck I'd be in a security camera.... of course...
  • Thought about it but never did it
  • I don't mind people who have a nice or large rig that take two spaces. No prob! The problem is when I come out to my perfectly parked Blazer and find some idiot is so close to my door that I can't get in. I waited for a half hour once until they came back. There were no I'm sorries or nothin'. He was a smart ass. So I slyly followed him to his next destination, circled the parking lot. When he was out of sight I parked next to his beautiful truck. Tried to key it but couldn't get a break through. So I used a metal nail file. Scraped the shit out of it. It read "LEARN TO PARK".
  • Absolutely! But, after having it done to me (for no reason), and the cost of repairing it (it used to cost alot more to fix), I would still never do it to anyones car. But "Vlad" is right, they ARE selfish, inconsiderate slobs, thinking that their vehicle is better than anyone else's!
  • I wouldn't feel the least bit embarrassed bout that phillis, anyone should feel outraged at that kind of arrogance. While I admit, the thought has crossed my mind, I don't recall for certain if I ever followed through or not. I have definitely left messages for these self-centered A-holes, in one way or another, on many occasions.
  • Oh yes. I have to stow my keys right away because the temptation is so strong.
  • Yep especially when the entire parking lot is empty and they park so close to your car that you can not even walk between the two.
  • I'd be more tempted to use a magic marker--you can write stuff. "I'm a SPACE HOG. I don't know how to park. I might even be drugged. I might need a breathelizer test. I might not even have a licence. I might have contraband in my trunk. My lights might not be working. Are my tires bald?" :-D

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