• When I was married my ex told me a guy from a friend couple we hung out with wanted to wife swap, but my ex said he didn't tell me about it till much later! I passed over one in particular I kinda wish I hadn't. I was young and impatient and moved on. He contacted me at graduation but I had already planned to marry someone else. But at this point in my life I'm content being single. I flirt because it's fun but I'm just flirting.
  • yes, all the time
  • Im currently talking to someone Ive k own for a long time, I have feelings for him and one night I told him, he didn’t say anything back, I felt like a fool. All I get from him is he said he liked me.
  • all the tinne
  • One tried her bes to make me feel that way after we grew up together. Then she finally said something wrong to me, one of them animules called an ultimatum. I stayed away from her after that.
  • Yes I have, several times. Reflecting back am grateful for all the experiences that led me to this very moment. Although some were very painful i keep an open mind and heart as I learn more about myself in the world.
  • I've missed giving my sweetie lots of hugs today because we are in different states. Sure do miss him. : (
  • Since you mention Facebook, I don't feel I have missed out on someone. Keeping lines of communication open with your close friends is essential for our mental and emotional well-being.

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