• Something my ex-girlfriend tatught me to teach my previous dogs was to hang a bell up on the door knob (or dangling from...) and everytime you leave the house to poop or pee you have the dog hit the bell. Doing this three-four times a day for like 2 weeks will teach the dog to ring the bell whenever it needs to go outside. The funny thing, my neighbor did it with his dog, and now the dog watches the window and whenever he sees a squirrel or cat he runs and slams the bell barking like he has to pee badly, lol!
  • Don't use either method get him only used to the feel of grass under his feet when they pee. I used the crate method, it only took about a week. However many months old a dog is is how long they can hold their bladder. I put my dogs in a crate while I was gone, as soon as I came home I took them out. They love the crate, because it is like their den, and they will not use the bathroom in it. my dogs learned to use the bathroom only when I am ready to take them, they never beg to go outside. They now associate going outside when I come home. I am the master after all. Also take the water away a couple hours before bed, so there aren't any accidents until morning.

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