• tell her how it really makes you uncomfortable, she should get enough attention from you, she shouldnt have to look elsewhere on the internet.
  • I say its cheating. Whats the difference if they met or not? She is leading him to believe they may have something..THATS CHEATING
  • I have a few girlfriends who have online romances..its kind of their porn..They lover their spouses and have no intention of meeting up with these guys..It just gives them a buzz.. Is it wrong? maybe but who am i to judge, if you dont like it tell her to stop..
  • i don't think that she is physically cheating but she may be emotionally cheating you and your relationship with her. tell her to unplug and connect with you
  • its wired and dangerous u dont anything about know who shes chatting to is he who he says he is? how would she react if u did the same thing?
  • from reading your other comments... yes it sounds like she's cheating. maybe not in person (who knows?), but emotionally... and that can hurt just as bad. i'm sorry.
  • Well, if my man did that he better enjoy these lil conversations with the woman because he`s never going to see this woman again, whether it be in person on or the phone.

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