• Kill the bitch and bury her body in the backyard
  • "Dumb bitch"... sounds like you've contributed a whole lot of love and care to this relationship. I'm sure it's all her fault that things aren't working out. >.> That aside, if you share an apartment then there isn't a lot you can do unless you can get her to agree to break the lease. Otherwise you just have to ride it out. If it's just your name on the lease, you can have the police remove her if necessary.
  • Who's on the lease? But you have some growing up to do if that's how you describe people. She's dumb enough to go to the same college as you nd such a bitch that you wanted to live with her?
  • Not sure how this is so hard. Be a man and tell her what's what.
  • "Just slip out the back Jack, make a new plan Stan, don't need to be coy Roy, just get yourself free! hop on the bus Gus, don't need to discuss much just slip off the key Lee and get yourself free!"
  • maybe you should kick her out or move out yourself

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