• Somebody bought me a sandwich.
  • There are soooooo many but one that stands out; After going through a very difficult time two people whom I never met and was completely unaware they even knew my name. Heard about my difficulties and came from across several states at their expense, representing a wonderful group of people to spend an afternoon to show their care and concern and to pray for me. Language just does not go deep enough to express................... Thank you doesn't even come close.
  • When I rear-ended a car, and the man told me to, "just forget about it." Thank you, Sir!! But most days, when people care enough to listen to your answer to "How are you?", and even comment!
  • There are so many, when you stop and think. Surprisingly.
  • My now-ex and I were going through a very bad divorce--he was a druggie. My STEP mother-in-law came and cleaned my house. She also kept me informed throughout the years about where my spouse was, his jobs, etc.,which was important because he was always behind on child support--to the tune of thousands. By the way, he finally cleaned up his act at age 48. More power to him!!!
  • I was liked by a friend whom i always teased and tortured !
  • sadly, i can't remember the "most" kind act... i'm sure there were plenty but i can't recall any right now. that's depressing!
  • When I was 10 years old everyone was going roller skating -- that is some of the family that was older than I was were going. My uncle that was 7 years older didn't want me to go BUT my older uncle took over and said that I would be going with them and he meant business. That has come to mind many times throughout the years.
  • When my bestest friend died the parents gave me her computer and little later one a ring of hers. It meant the world to me. That and the time my old job (wasn't working there for the past two years) took a collection up when my grandmother died ............... for my family and gave it in gas station gift cards. Cause we had to travel a ways for her burial. And just any time during a rough trial someone lended a ear or a shoulder to cry on.......or a hug when needed.
  • Once when I was 16 I got in a big fight with my mother, and I mean BIG. I left her house for about a month and a friend allowed me to stay at his home for most of that time. He was my age and his parents were relly kind to me too. I'll never foget that and I'm still thinking I owe them big time for that. =)
  • Genuine appreciation for my random acts of kindness. People seem genuinely suprised at the efforts of others sometimes or suspect even, so when someone just genuinely appreciates it, I remember that, the thankfulness and how good I feel when I get that in return, and it inspires me to not have a second thought about giving additional random acts of kindness...
  • Many come to mind but the coolest was when I had a radiator hose break late at night on my drive home from work. My Jeep was engulfed in smoke when I finally pulled into a bank parking lot. Two guys came running across the street and asked if I was okay and said, "Don't be scared of us, we're gay!" That inclusion has relevance I promise. They offered me money to make a phone call or for something to drink, and told me not to stay there by myself for too long, and finally asked if I needed a ride anywhere. They had me laughing by the time they left. While walking away, one said, "Here you were stranded and along came a couple of good fairies!" I was fortunate such good people stopped to help me.
  • I was attacked by some random guys and knocked out behind my best friends house. She used all her strengh to pull me into her house, put me on her sofa and looked after me.
  • I was 10 just had tonsils removed and I was in the recovery room in anguish from the pain, crying just made it worse. Nurse after nurse said they couldn't do anything for me until I stopped crying and when I did they could take me back to my room and my Mom. This only upset me more. After an hour of agony a shift change took place and this new nurse came over and noticed my distress and got me a surgical glove full of ice for my throat - a true angel, I'll never forget that ever.
  • Other than the usual from friends and family, this one from a relative stranger will always stay with me and still brings tears to my eyes. I was a struggling single mom of 3 making little money and in the middle of a custody battle - life full of stress and not enough money to pay the rent on our cramped apartment (estranged hubby had a car and was paying rent on a 4 bedroom townhouse, somehow couldn't come up with child support.) My senior manager (3 levels above me) who didn't know me at all, gave me $1,200 , enough for 2 months rent and enough leftover for lots of groceries. She told me it was a gift, not a loan, and that the only thing she wanted in return was my agreement to keep her gift private, anonymous. She also told me to take a few days off with pay. Dang it - here come the tears again. I have paid it forward many times, out of gratitude.
  • When I was about 9 I was in a store, looking at the candy that I couldn't afford, and a man smiled at me and told the cashier to give his change (maybe 40 cents) to me. And NO, he was NOT a pervert, he did not ask for anything in return, and I never saw him again.
  • Two stick out for me; being adopted as a child and later being adopted as a poppa.
  • Usually it's someone going above and beyond to reach me when I am going through something difficult. I know that isn't specific or anything, but acts of kindness tend to get ingrained in my memory for a very long time.
  • The time a gorgeous woman taught me the ropes.

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