• She provided food, shelter and clothing for my 6 sisters and myself even though she suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was 12 years old. My sisters did some mothering. They looked out for me while she was at work. She visited me in the hospital, I remember that as showing love. And she let my sister and I lick the beaters! haha
  • I was terrible for getting leg pains,, I remember my mom heating towels on the floor heater .. that,s all the nurturing I remember.
  • She went without before we did. Now she is on hospice and lives with me and I go without to make sure her needs are met. It's the least a pig/dog can do.
  • Shelter me, feed me, take care of me, buy me things, drive me to elementary school, pick me up and all the wonderful things a good mother will do for her children.
  • When I was a young man with a wife and child, I had a health incident at work. The doctor came and said he thought I had spinal meningitis. He ordered the restaurant closed until he knew for sure. They asked when he would know for sure, and he told everybody that if I lived thru the night, then it wasn't meningitis. He sent my wife and child away, and my mother came to hold the potential death watch for me all night. She took care of me like a sick child. She was too old for the disease. I made it thru the night. He came around an hour after sunup and revised his diagnosis to upper respritory infection. 9/7/23
  • I remember her rating me out for stealing plasticine from school when I was 5 between her and my sister I could never trust a women to this day. The mean bitch that thinks she controls everything still upests me. I go visit her once a year at most. Years ago when I was in my early 30's she dragged me off to some psychologist her motivation was to huminliate me . Of course the nosey woman wouldn't go away I told the head shrink I cant trust women she told this to my sister but is to gutless to ask me why. She was mean to my father a cheater and a liar.

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