• Have an accident and die because you couldn't call for help. That'll teach em for sure.
  • Get a job and offer to pay for it yourself.
  • Be creative and mature. Whining or begging will get you nowhere. Identify WHY they don't want you to have one and focus on that. Do they think it's too expensive? Promise to help with the bills. Do they think you won't handle it responsibly? Promise that you understand your limits. Some creative ideas to sway them: Make a video explaining/acting out positive reasons for having a cell phone. (good for emergencies, you can always get in contact with your parents and they can always get into contact with you). Also, show how serious you are by promising to help with the costs of it and using it responsibly (not going over minutes, etc). You could also do this by making a powerpoint presentation. Make it look professional by adding charts/graphs and images.
  • Get a job that pays you enough to cover the monthly charges of the phone. Keep the job for a few months to prove that it won't effect you grades. Save the money the entire time to prove that you won't be temped to spend it on other things. Then revisit the issue with them.
  • First, a cellphone is not a toy. Its a communication instrument that is governed by The Federal Communication Commission or FCC. Cellphones can be very expensive. Cost for the phone itself and then the basic carrier service. The carrier service can be the money culprit. It takes a very responsible person to take care of a cellphone. text messaging and over the time limit can be very expensive. Are you this responsible person? do you deserve a cellphone? can your parents afford a cellphone? It appears your parents do not trust you to have a cellphone, at this time. When the time is right for you to have a cellphone, your parents will be the first to let you know.
  • I went through the same thing when I was 14. What I finally had to do was stop whining to my parents by telling them how much I needed a cell phone, and proving responsibility to them. If I remember right I started helping my mom around the house and making sure my room was always clean. I did my homework before I went and asked to go hang out with my friends. This showed my parents that I was responsible, and not too long after that they got me a cell phone.
  • If you're very young then, there are phones that allow dialling to your parent's preprogrammed numbers only, if that is all you need.
  • Work for it and get a pre paid
  • Get a job and pay for it yourself, also show your responsible for one with out telling them, but by actions.
  • Get a job.
  • Demonstrate how responsible you are by getting a job and giving them the money to pay for your own service.
  • Work for it. I've been working since I was 11. +5
  • Make it seem like it would be in *their* best interest! ;-)
  • get stuck in an elevator for 24 hours make sure you have food supplies ready you cant call for help "then why dont we just buy her a cellphone
  • tell them that u will need it in emergency and and u wont cause a heart attack to there wallet by heavy phone bills:)

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