• Because they are stupid.
  • I second jamamiss.
  • Because they've figured it all out. Poor us.
  • Religious cults are scary- The "church" of scientology is one of the more popular ones. - I think people join because they get sold on an idea. Just like a good salesman can sell someone something they don't need, similar people can get people interested in scientology. - Once a person's in they are now part of a community. Other members of the "church" form relationships with them, try to convince them of the scientologist beliefs. When you have enough people around you telling you something is true you're bound to start considering the possibilities. - I think a lot of people want to believe in something. They're either scared of other mainstream religions or can no let go of their belief that these religions are wrong. - I'm guessing the church also drugs people and uses the alien powers they have harnessed to brainwash people as well- that's certainly the biggest reason why people join but I try not to talk about that one too much. They might come for me.
  • They hold on to their followers by coercion and blackmail.
  • cause they like that kind of church
  • TRUE religion has the Bible for a guide...and not the theories of Hubbard. Mark 9:7....Matthew 28: 19,20 & Acts 5:42... Jesus' example...preaching the good news [ of our future] and doing it face to face, one on one, at people's door. Scientology does none of this.
  • People join churches simply because they are gullible and na

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