• I may be gone from their side, but my next jouney has just begun. Don't be sad, but happy that it was my time to move on.
  • You mean like ripping the hair outta their heads, begin shooting heroin or contemplating suicide? = Nah. (!) ;-)
  • Don't cry for me down here. Is how one song puts it.
  • Remember what was good about me. Forget what wasn't. Speak kindly about me.
  • Run, jump, screech, faint, go nuts! (just kidding) You mean my relatives? I want them to remember me as a good, honorable & valuable person. (& Of course I want to be worth it)
  • I would want them to wail and scream and beat themselves. I would then want them to find the cause of my death and avenge it!!!! Seriously, I would hope they would have the sense to call the coroner and have me taken away.
  • My sons and I have discussed it and they will throw a big party where people can come together to laugh, cry, vent (or all 3), play all my favorite songs, eat, drink and celebrate Life.
  • I would want them to come together and support each other. I would want them to remind each other that there was no question in my mind or theirs about our love for each other (the ones I love know it, and I know who loves me). I would want them to grieve in whatever way would help them come to terms with my death. I would not want them to feel bad for me, because I would not be feeling anything. Hopefully, I will be satisfied with my life and be able to communicate that to them so that they know it is okay. I don't want them to think I feared death; I am not afraid of not existing after my death any more than I am bothered by the fact that I did not exist before I was born. I will live forever in THESE times. I would want them to respect my final wishes. I would want them to remember me from time to time and smile. I would want them to feel that the love I gave them would be enough to last for a lifetime.
  • I would want them 2 be happy & not feel sad about me.
  • I would want them to react how they felt. I have no preconceived notions as to how others should react to anything. It cuts down on surprises. +4 for the heck of it.
  • I would want them to celebrate and live life more fully.
  • I would hope that they would be happy that I had a great life.
  • I would hope they'd celebrate my life and our friendship and good times. Gosh my fingers are crossed that's how it would go! :)
  • I would want them 2 be happy for me
  • depends on how I died. If I died of old age-I would want them to celebrate my youth. If I died from someone else's hand I would want them to seek justice. If I died from a terminal illness I would want them to celebrate my freedom from a sick body.
  • I want them to feel happy I'm right where I should be. I had a great life with people I love and care about.
  • I would want them to remember me with a smile, if they cant do that then please dont remember me at all!
  • They better sob, and sob loudly. Then talk about the good things I've done and forget the bad. Then after that GO STRAIGHT TO THE BAR and have a few ON my estate. IF there is any left after this economy!
  • I don't want my loved ones to suffer my loss at all. I want them to think that hopefully one day we shall all meet again in Heaven; pray for my soul and stop there. I want my kids to remember all the good advice that I've given them and to obey my rules even when I'm no longer here! :) And most of all I want that my ex-husband feels sorry for all the bad things he did to me and I want him to cry for me until his last breath!!! :)
  • Nonchalant?

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