• if you did not get the software with the computer you could always purchase a disc or download the a torrent off the internet for free, but it is uncommon that you would actually need to reinstall your windows.if you are talking about backing up files and settings then go to: control panel>back up and restore you files and system settings center then press:back up files
  • You should have received an original copy of Windows with it! You better contact HP immediately about that. And no, you cannot extract the Installer Disc from an already installed system.
  • Don't know where you are in the world but in the UK, if the machine is new then it is a legal requirement that it is supplied with the operating system software (Windows) or the ability to make a disk yourself using files that are pre-stored on the computer. Dig out all and any paperwork that you have and read the lot, it will be detailed in there somewhere. The chances are, HP have pre-installled some sort of program for you that will make the disk for you - if you cannot find it and have no luck with the paperwork, then call HP Support and ask them what to do. They will be able to sort this out for you. Do it sooner rather than later because if it all goes pear shaped (as computers do, from time to time), then you are completely stuffed if you have not found or made your Windows CD.
  • Yes there is a way to copy the Windows OS. HP/Compaq doesn't provide a set of disks but does allow you to make a set of 'Recovery Disks'. At the HP website they have a 'Drivers and Software' update site. This site has a section for ordering a set of recovery CD's or DVD. The item that says to read before ordering is what you want to read. It has instructions on how to make a set of Recovery Disks. If you don't want to make a set you can order a set but be sure to read everything so you will be able to provide all the necessary information to get the proper set for your computer. Go here and dot the 'Download Drivers and Software' option>fill in your make and model number>click GO. Once on the Drivers and Software page scroll down to the section for Recover Disks. While on this page you should go ahead and download any Driver and Software updates for your computer. Just because it is new doesn't mean it has all the latest Driver and Software Update. If you don't want to do the above then here is how to make a set of Recovery Disks: Go to Start>All Programs>PC Help and Tools>HP PC Recovery CD-DVD Creator>click this and it will start you on the process of making a set of Recovery Disks. When the program starts it will tell you how many CD's or DVD's will be needed. If you do not have the required CD's or DVD's select the option to stop and continue later after you get the required number of disks. This program only allows you to make one set of recovery disks. Hope this helps.

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