• Hello John I have used many Anti Malware software on my Laptop and PC. As my personal experience, I found Malware Crusher as one of the best Malware Removal application. It does a fast scan and removes malware instantly. The updated paid version has amazing security features. The main thing is that this anti-malware software is trusted by software industry for its unique security cover provided. Link:
  • Hey John There are many Free malware removal tools in the market. I am using an anti-malware tool and you can also trust on that anti-malware software as it has protect my computer from different types of malware from long. It has defended my system against malware and threats for free. I will share the link from where you can Download it:
  • Malwarebytes. is free to use. But the paid solution is good too.
  • MalwareBytes is good...
  • You can use Malwarebytes
  • If you are using windows 10 why not use the system included with windows 10? It is always updated and operates with your computer. If you install another malware/antivirus system it turns the Windows 10 system off.

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