• In most states, yes, it's illegal for the two of you to have sex, and your boyfriend could be charged with statutory rape. While it's probably not technically illegal for you to simply be together, it's a gray area if sex is involved, and there are almost certainly other issues like curfew that could get you both in trouble. You mother is correct to be concerned about the age difference between you. There are many times in our lives when a three year age difference doesn't mean much, but the three years between 15 and 18 make a huge difference. During those three years we all do a lot of growing up and undergo a number of changes. That's why you don't usually see 18-year-olds hanging out with 15-year-olds. The 18-year-olds tend to look on 15-year-olds as 'kids' and have little in common with them. This is why adults get very concerned when they see an 18-year-old guy with a 15-year-old girl. From experience we know that unless the boy is very immature for his age, his primary interest in the girl is probably sex. I'm not saying that your boyfriend is only interested in sex, but you need to take a long hard look at him and ask yourself why he's interested in someone so much younger than he is. (And saying "we're in love" isn't enough.) If "being in love" means more than just being horny for each other, there will be definite qualities that can be identified like common interests and common life experiences. How does he handle being with your friends? How does he handle your being with him around his friends? Does he always treat you as an equal, or does he sometimes treat you like a kid? Is he pressuring you to have sex with him? I know your feelings for your boyfriend are very real, and that you probably feel that you're ready to have sex with him (and may already be having sex with him). At 15 I was certain I was in love and had sex with my boyfriend (who was closer to my own age than yours is), but looking back now I can see I wasn't really ready, and that doing it was a mistake, and that I was just very lucky that it didn't cause more problems in my life than it did. Your mother loves you and cares about you. Take her advice seriously. You could easily ruin your own life and your boyfriend's life be getting too involved too quickly. While it's hard to believe when you're 15, you have plenty of time to get seriously involved with someone. Take your time and be sure. If it's a true love, it will only be better for waiting.
  • Fantastic Advise. I was thinkning about having sex with my boyfriend who is 21, but I don't feel it's necessary afterall. I mean we have so much more to focus on in our relationship. Sex maybe fun... I don't know, but just being by his side for us to be there for eachother is more than enough.
  • You can date him but you have to be above the age of consent(in my state its 16) to have sex. I can see why your mother is worried, at 15 you're still a little girl and most people will wonder why this guy is dating you. So I'd consider either waiting or going separate ways. Talk to your Mom, she wants the best for you.
  • You are not "in love", the peptides and hormonal chemicals in your brain cause the sensations of love. These sensations will soon subside, and then you will be left with your concious decision process', then you will realize that you were in a phase and not in love at all. You are to young to understand the meaning of what love is.
  • its illegal for you to have sex. but you are less than 5 yrs apart so its not illegal to date.
  • This depends on the state: In Delaware Oklahoma Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, you would surely be LEGAL, check links below for more. So far, I haven't found a state which didn't have some sort exemption on this. They just don't wanna criminalize teen sex Also, 18 - 15 is perfectly normal, 18 - 13 would be kinda iffy. As long as it's consensual of course! no is no and rape is rape. but teen sex AINT rape. "Delaware (where adolescents 12-years-old and up may legally engage in sexual activity with another adolescent no more than four years their senior),17 Kentucky (where persons 14 years of age or older may engage in sexual activity with persons no more than five years their senior),18 Missouri (permitting those 14-years old or older to engage in sexual activity with youth up to the age of 21 without criminal sanction),19 New Hampshire (providing for a three-year age difference between sexual partners one of whom is aged 13-16).20 New York (providing an affirmative defense for defendants four years older, or less, than the “victim”),21 North Carolina (providing a six-year buffer for sexual activity with 13-15-year-olds),22 Texas (providing a three-year window of consent for those under 17 years of age),23 and Washingt"
  • Not is it illegal for you to have sex, it is immoral. You arent in love, you are 15, you are way too young to have that feeling. Why dont you wait until you are able to change your own diaper first, before having a baby?
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      What is immoral about her having sex? Man may say it is immoral but Biblically it is not. Up until the early 20th century many girls were married by 15 and had children by 16. Even Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was 12 when she was pregnant with Him and 13 when He was born. The only difference is the culture we live in today.
  • You can be together, but, yes, sex with your age difference is illegal. WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE 18 and if he starts pressuring you, get rid of him. Older men take advantage of younger women all the time. Your mother is right to be concerned.
  • yes it is illegal to have sex with you if your mom wants to take it to the police he can get arrested because i know your not going to date him and not have sex with him i know you are because that's a natural act your mom just wants the best for you good luck.
  • Ilegal cos it's outside marriage and Immoral and you are way too young. Too early to have sex.
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      Where does it say it is immoral to have sex outside marriage. If you say the Bible you are greatly mistaken.
  • It depends on the state. try looking up the state laws on age of consent laws. States usually enforce a law of 16-18+ being a consensual age for sexual intercourse. Some states also provide a law of common age which is as long as a couple engaging in sexual intercourse is a set age limit from one another then it is legal. EXAMPLE: if you are 13 years old and are having sex with someone between the ages of 13-16 then it is legal, because the two partners are within 3 years of one another. This may apply to you but it is better if you go out and look for age of consent laws for your state/country. And it is not illegal for you to be together, as long as their is no sign of sexual relationships including anything from kissing to sexual intercourse.
  • you are almost twenty now, how many kids do you have?
  • Yes it is called statutory rape depending on what state your from, he could get in alot of trouble. But if your in love, just wait a few years then you can be together and noone can say anything about it. Check out this site.
  • You must be way too legal now
  • In most states the age of consent is 18 so if you guys have sex your bf could go to jail for statatory rape. You guys can hang out together but we all know where that leads to. Your mom is right.
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      The average age of consent in the USA is 16. At one time the age of consent in Delaware was 7, it is now 16.
  • Sex would be illegal if you tell someone, but it is far from illegal to merely date him!!!!
  • Yep, it's illegal. Your boyfriend could go to jail and have to register as a sex offender even for getting to "second base." And I'm with your mother. You boyfriend needs to stick to his age group. The maturity level between an 18yo and a 15yo is too different at those ages.
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      You don't know much about kids today do you?
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      I think having kids of my own shows otherwise.
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      Children hide many things from their parents that are common knowledge among their peers. You would be astonished to hear what I hear almost daily while driving my school bus.
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      I probably wouldn't be that astonished, having been a kid myself before and knowing how I used to hid things from MY parents. As a parent, I make sure that I'm involved in her life and ensure that when she says is true. My motto, "Trust, but verify."

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