• No, I think that guys are more susceptible to suicide than girls....actually.
  • I think girls can be because we are more emotional and take things offensive even if someone was kidding. It isn't are fault that we are more effected by harsh comments about apperence, family,etc. Though it doesn't mean that guys aren't just as emotionsl at times but in most cases girls have a tendancy to let things affect them more and to take things and make it worse than it really is. It's just are nature sometimes.
  • Yes, I do. Women are more emotional than men, but men certainly aren't immune to it.
  • Girls attempt suicide more often than boys. Boys succeed (?) more often than girls.
  • are FAR more likely to commit suicide. If I'm not mistake men commit suicide 400% more often than women. The previous posts are of course looking at emotional stability..but what you guys are forgetting is that we have a social standard that men take care of women...of course there is equality and I'm not saying women are inferior by any means...I'm saying that we still look at relationships with the Hunter/Gatherer mindset. In a troubling economy, men aren't able to fulfill their "duty" as a hunter and provider so they see their entire life goal and mission as a failure. I work in a hospital doing work with suicide intervention and I promise you that men are more likely than women. The reasoning is always the same though...women come in due to relationship issues and family due to "women problems" since hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn...and employment/bills.
  • statistically commit suicide twice as often as women.
  • i think it can happen to either of them

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