• Sure would-a horse shoe that is! ;o)
  • yeah, and i wouldn't miss.
  • hell yeah!! he made people's life miserable...
  • Why waste a perfectly good shoe??
  • Nah. Who throws a shoe, honestly? *insert silly Austin Powers smile here*
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. Bless you.
  • not a shoe....maybe an axe.
  • Maybe a slipper. A really soggy, smelly, wet slipper
  • It's pretty much part of New Zealand culture to have a jandal-throwing or gumboot-throwing competition at any gala or gathering. It's just one small step for mankind to throw it at a target.. P.S. Translation *sigh*for the northern hemisphere: jandal=flip flops, thongs; gumboots= wellies, galoshes.
  • No, out of respect. But I'd sure like to throw something larger than a shoe at him. Say, like my son's wheelchair he gained because of Iraq.
  • No. I like my shoes.
  • No, I have better things to do.
  • Why stop at a shoe?! ;-)
  • No. That would be rude.
  • Why bother he has reflexes like a cat!!!
  • Nope because I respect my country.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Thank you for your fake post, party worker.
  • Yes. Because he pisses me off more than anyone else...
  • this is great fun check it out!!!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
  • No, I would not show such disrepect. Throwing anything at our own President reduces our behavior to the Middle East behavior and I certainly do not want to act like them! Uncivil!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      But of course you'd be okay with it if the shoe was being thrown at Obama.
  • No, but i think the 3 years in prison will be a good example for others who want to.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Republicans suck.
  • I'd like to but i wouldn't... but thankfully someone already did that for me!!! ;)
  • Absolutely not! I have more respect for human beings than to do that to anyone simply because I disagree with them!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I couldn't disagree more. I think you're disregarding the facts (stated below). However I have great respect for your instinct to be nice, and - in case I never say it - I find you very likeable and appreciate you being here. So please dont mind Mr Pants on a grumpy day (I'm only grumpy when faced with reality) (The older I get, the less often that occurs! :D .
    • Linda Joy
      I have grumpy moments as well! If you didn't see it I'm not pointing it out! Lol!
  • 4-26-2017 The bs is so deep that only God can cut through it. We have this prophecy we call Armageddon. The last dated prophecy to be fulfilled was the creation of Israel in 1948. The USA is prominently absent from the Armageddon story, so we are waiting to see the country collapse and become helpless. That appears to be right on schedule. The sexual perverts are taking over, just as Jesus said they would. Jesus said it's going to be worse than anything ever before. All things considered, the world is right on track for the most colossal train wreck imaginable. I have read the book: we win in the end. So I will keep my shoe to myself and wait on the Lord..
  • I was disappointed the shoes missed. The people of Iraq built a statue of the guy who threw them. He should have thrown a grenade. ....If you think my opinion isn't "nice", consider that the Bush administration killed - in total - 1.25 million people in that country, most of whom were not soldiers. And we decimated their country end-to-end with relentless bombing, and..why? Oh yea, BUSH COULDN'T COME UP WITH A WHY! Iraq was entirely unarmed and hadn't attacked us! ....Well I think Bush's whole cabinet should have been hung publicly, so we could throw rocks at their corpses. I do, and we should still do it now!. They caused SO much misery, on SUCH a large scale. Mass murdering and begetting us Isis and 9-11 and the loss of our rights and self-respect, was only JUST ONE of the destructive things they did to millions of people of this country. The EVIL bastards. I'd have thrown more than just a shoe! We should torture Bush! He should find out what Abu Graib was like, FOR HIS VICTIMS there! - And WHY ARE WE paying a fortune-sized pension to a war criminal who wrecked our country? Hell, rope is only a couple bucks. Mr Pants would like to donate some rope, in a true patriotic spirit.
  • No, I would never throw a shoe at anyone. It is impolite and they could have you charged with assault and battery.

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