• Nope, mummy is.
  • No, you're not... The mother is. That something... is called common freaking sense!
  • How awful. He learned that language somewhere. You may not be missing something, but someone is clearly lacking Parenting 101 - that's not normal or OK.
  • Welcome to the days where parents cannot spank their children. No fear of actual punishment = no care for their actions. A time out may be boring, but it won't accomplish much. Look at the past generations. Children were much better behaved than today, when society has made parents helpless.
  • oh how sweet. ANother juvenile justice system child that I get to pay for because the parents REFUSE to discipline. I don't get it. WTF is so hard with discipling your child? yet, when they go bad it's EVERYONE else's fault.. yeah right.
  • She is not going to get very far trying to sweet talk him. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • Your friend should wash his mouth out with soap.
  • Your friend is lacking discipline for the child, and the only way a child could pick up swears like that are from hearing the parent say them multiple times, that's where I picked that up from.
  • Well the answer in my mind is a mouth full of soap and a good paddling. I would not cave in to an 8 year olds way of manipulating a mothers mind by shocking her with filthy language. Try and tell your friend how you feel about the way her child is treating her and get her on the right path of parenting.
  • No, your friend is missing something. And her son is missing something too: a parent. If she doesn't get that boy under control now, she is in for a really rough ride in about five years, and he may be heading for Juvy. He has NO respect for authority.
  • Hell no you're not the one whos missing something your friend is! An 8 year old shouldn't be using that kind of language! Another thing I'd wonder about is where hes getting it from?
  • No, you are not wrong. Yes, your friend is missing something. Nanny 911. You should call on her behalf. Or Supernanny. Take your pick. Just convince her to do it. Or at least watch it. All the time. It does sink in eventually. Buy her the seasons on DVD if possible.
  • No, but your friend is - intelligence and common sense in dealing with her boy. How is she going to like hearing those words coming from a fully grown man in 8 or 10 years time or visiting her boy in prison. If you think she will listen, tell her you're concerned.
  • The mother you speak of is permissive indulgent and the child's behavior is what she created. By the way, parenting style is generational many times which indicates that a lack of spanking is not the problem and the theory that we are not allowed to punish children any more is obsolete. Spanking is a convenient way to reinforce the parent rather than teach the child. This is not the child's fault and it is not because she has not spanked him. Punishing this child would only feed fuel to his fire. Simply put, the mother is failing her child and obviously needs assistance. If not addressed, this child will suffer from entitlement issues that will eventually lead to a Narcissistic Personality Disorder or possibly even an Anti-social personality disorder. Anti-social individual have inconsistent parenting as children and never form attachments or bonds during the critical periods of development, this area of the brain never develops. Anti-socials do not have the ability to be empathetic to others, they have no conscience, and make up a large proportion of our prison population. You cannot cure a personality disorder, you can only treat them. All personality disorders develop from an individual's environment early on in life (parenting). The child needs to be referred to counseling with some behavior modification emphasized in therapy. The mother needs to be referred to counseling and parenting classes.
  • I suppose this mother also "counts to three" several times in a row ("No, THIS time I really mean it.")
  • Your Friend has a serious problem for letting her child talk to her that way if shes not going to do anything about it then she deserves it.I dont have kids yet but if i did and they talked to me that way it would only happen once.I would pop them in the mouth then tear them a new a**hole.Im amost 25 yrs old and if i ever thought about talking to my mom like that i would be picking myself up off the floor.literally
  • No, the child is missing something - discipline.
  • what is the status with the Dad? He is probably the one filling that kid's mind with rotten vocabulary.

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