• I am usually telling jokes. I am the only person who stands in the ER in major pain from a kidney stone and lays on the OR table about to go under and tells jokes..but I have to laugh or I would go's my coping mechanism
  • If I go to the hospital for something, I'm usually pretty worried about what's going on that led me there, so I'm not in any kind of friendly mood. However, hospitals freak me out and at the same time, if I go, it's because I can't take care of it myself, so I have to put my trust into them. I'm pretty docile, almost like a rag doll, ha ha. I don't tlak unless I have to answer specific questions, and obviously explain to them what's happening.
  • I have to crack jokes, but most times I get a fuddy-duddy and they just look at me with that deer in the headlights look (insert cricket sounds now) However I did once have to go to the hospital with kidney stones (those of you that have had them know my pain) if I had a gun I might have ended it there, but anyway, I got be all doped up on painkillers and drugs to dialate my urinary tract from the kidney's to the bladder, and those make you extremely drowsy and other drugs to counteract the drowsiness get the this time there were several nurses and docotors all but one being female there helping out, some were there simply to observe because they had never been apart of this type of thing before, but I was so far gone with drugs that when they had to give me another shot in my butt for some other drug, so they pulled my gown over too far and I was laid out for all the world to see my extra extremity there, and all I could think to say in my drugaholic haze was "don't worry about that I was just in the pool" I still think they are laughing to this very day
  • Oh believe me there laughing when I leave. ☺
  • The last thing I remember before my hernia surgery last year was laughter from the whole assembled crew over a joke I told about hoping the scar would be covered by the pubic hair when it grew back.
  • I usually just let them strike up a conversation if they want and listen to what they have to say. Nurses and doctors can be very interesting people.
  • I just converse with them.
  • I try to not play Dr. and listen, I am a little more polite with them, I am empathetic about how hard they work.
  • I try to make them laugh so they're not so darned serious and businesslike!
  • I'm friendly and smiling. The staff has been good to me. My doctor is one of the best I've been treated by, always explaining things in laymans terms. I have a follow-up appointment this morning.
  • Seeing I went to the Doctor for the first time in 12 years, I cracked jokes.
  • It depends on how sick I am. If I am downright ill, I just want in and out. I do remember one time, right after I had my first child I had to go and have a skintag removed. The nurse and I were joking around so much by the time the doctor came to the room, his other 3 staff members were hanging out with us and watched the whole thing. That was the most fun I ever had at the doctors. Then again... I did just have a child (like 2 weeks before) I may have just been REALLY happy to get out the house for an hour.
  • Really depends on what brought me there, but I always try to stay as upbeat and light hearted as I can. It tends to make it all a little easier!
  • I hate to say it, but I'm more of a rude patient. I treat others how they treat me.
  • Well, when you are sprawled out on the operating table with nothing on but a smile....I gotta crack some jokes to get them laughing....that way they are laughing at the jokes and not at me...I'm tattooed in many places.
  • I had them rolling in the halls when I was having a heart attack! I figured go out with a bang! and before my surgery the doctor tried to crack a joke and as I was going under I remember saying...Doctor...Please....keep your day job....hahaha ...I'm a hoot!
  • I make them laugh..
  • I am friendly and receptive. I've gotten a few chuckles out of the hospital staff.
  • it depends whether your there for just a check up or if you have an illness. check ups are never as serious but when your sick u should be serious because you need to find out what you have and what to do.
  • I crack jokes all the time
  • when i know its reaal bad,thats all there is to really do.look at the ups and if there isnt any ups,start inventing some! once i was getting stitches in my hand because i sliced it with a katana(samurai sword) next to all these tendons and the specialist was hard at work and i was like"you can just cut the hand off if its easier" hand's pretty bad right now

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