• My main hobby is reading and unless the public library shuts down I'm in good shape. Other hobbies that I have that do cost money I continue to enjoy but less frequently.
  • It depends on what the hobby is. If it's polo, played at a club, water skiing, power boat racing, rally car racing etc then I think it would be difficult to cut costs. Any sport that requires a court would also be difficult unless one owned the court. Arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, etc could perhaps be made less expensive by cutting down on the cost of materials. For reading one could go to a library rather than buy the books. For club memberships, getting a group of new members together to get a joint discount might work. I am sure that many clubs will be ready to make concessions. I think there are many more possibilities but it really depends on the hobby.
  • Me too - I enjoy reading and it doesn't cost anything but time and concentration the public library is a great place to nort have to spend any money unless you are late returning the books- but I usually pick up books a garage sales a dime a dozen!
  • I'm good to go on the reading too. :0) Most of my other hobbies don't cost anything to speak of such as writing and just enjoying the woods. (I live in the woods so transportation worries!) Gardening is another favorite and it's pretty easy to do that for little money.
  • One of my favorite hobbies is reading. I use or I go to the library and borrow books. I also download free video games from some sights and play on my computer. Third, watch free videos on the internet. The cost is minimal.
  • I love to read so that's no problem, my camera is digital so I can save pics to disc until times get better, and I've used what some might consider odd for scrapbooking.
  • I read alot, no problem, my friends and I all share books, so that keeps cost down. Gardening is a favorite, and if I grow food that saves me money. I have a ton of jigsaw puzzles still left to do, no need to buy new ones at the moment. I crochet, yarn is not that pricey. Camping, we have the equipment already. I'm good.
  • Yes ~ i am interested in the land and the ocean and i enjoy simple things in life like being at the beach or in the park or the woods, swimming, riding my horse, writing, reading, listening to music, photography, dancing etc :)

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