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  • Pretty sure that taking a shower and sleeping together both constitute "something" happening. Maybe not "sex" happening but why split hairs? Realize that its not up to you who your mate is friends with in the end.
  • I would be.
  • im gunna say what all you girls say so me when i ask a question like this about my girlfriend... if it happened b4 you met than its none of your bisness you have no right to know what he has done in his past, never bring this up again to him... i dont see why its any different for a girl
  • Worried? No... Concerned? Yes. What happened before you became involved with him is the past. If it was you, would you want him to believe that you can be friends with someone you were close to before you met him? If you believe that nothing happened (he's telling the truth) then believe him if he tells you he is just friends with her. Just make sure he doesn't get drunk with her, unless you're with him, or that he doesn't have any reason to shower with her (again, unless you're with ...). ;-)
  • Obviously he either had some intent on getting with her before he met you or before he hooked up with you. its ok for a guy to have female friends but not if his prior intention was on being with this girl. yes you should be concerned about this and let him know you are not comfortable with their friendship because it seems like its more than just a friendship
  • What do you mean nothing happened?! He slept with her and took a shower with her! Just because maybe he didn't stick his hooha in her heehee, doesn't mean nothing happened. I'd find someone else that didn't think it was okay to sleep with and shower with other women. I think it's disrespectful of him to do that to you and expect you to be okay with it. Obviously, your instincts are telling you the same thing or you wouldn't have asked this question; listen to your instincts. Good Luck to you.
  • Why should you worry about this guy? If he's still hanging out with her getting drunk, laying in bed and taking showers with. That's not your boyfriend. He's someone who's taking advantage of you. You're his primary slot. The one he refers to as girlfriend. The other girl is his extra credit.

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