• why so many people criticized Jesus?
  • Because they are wrong. They want to change the Christian Trinitarian belief to Jewish Unitarian. JW’s are similar to Jews, this is why they are WRONG.
  • Because the Bible is a fairy tale for naive people
  • I sat down with a couple of JW and we could not agree on a few things. Mother Mary and the Trinity. They don't celebrate Christmas. I think it was they who didn't believe Mary was concieved through the Holy Spirit. I think this is why.
  • People whine about Jehovah's Witnesses because their beliefs aren't evactly the same as theirs. Anyone that does that is just really close minded. I also think that a lot of people think that the watchtower is the JW bible so they shouldnt be allowed to read to original bible.
    • Butterflies67
      JWs believe that Jehovah is God's name, that Jesus Christ is God's son and they don't believe in the Trinity.
  • I believe everyone has the right to believe anything they see fit as a religion,good, bad or otherwise! Because in the end we meet the maker of our own beliefs and thats when it matters!
  • People criticize often out of fear and ignorance. Those coming from love will desire dialogue even if they do not hold the same versions of scriptures you possess. This is because '...perfect love casteth out fear.' (1 John 4:18)
  • because it's a load of old rubbish and sometimes they will turn up to 'cold-call' on peoples houses and if you acciendtly answer the knock on the door, you are greeted by a family (inc kids) spouting religious drivel about god and believing and blah blah blah blah, saving souls, waffle waffle waffle, heaven is real, no, honestly.........there are fairies at the bottom of the garden.......... the loch ness monster is real and lastly, 'care for a bible'. And do you something else just as annoying, these visits are always mid-week, in school term time. Why aren't they at work and the child at school? Answers on a postcard please. Well you did ask.
  • It isn't so much the theology, People just get tired of unsolicited door to door salesmen/witnesses coming at inopportune moments.
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      Well they aren't calling round now.
  • The Bible's answer is that the world will turn against you for following Jesus' teachings... Moo [my own opinion] on this, is what I heard someone say YEARS ago, "SURE, I believe it's the truth. It's just that they take away all the FUN!" (You know- smoking, swearing, pre-marital sex, going out to get wasted, celebrating New Years, Halloween, birthdays, Xmas, and some other occasions. Also, when people KNOW something, anyone with any conscience will have to DO something about it- like make a life- changing decision. Look at Oprah- changing the fate of poor girls in Africa. Tippy Hedren- the tiger Sanctuary. Whatever you care about will make you act, if you gain enough knowledge on the subject. Check out the origins of some of our popular and "Christian" Holidays. Every year, the City librarian used to come on our little one hour 'talk' radio [midday, before lunchtime, when they have local interviews, etc] and explain all the origins of Santa, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc. Unbelievable amount of them were of pagan origins. [Easter bunny is a fertility symbol]... Well, the merchants [Most of the advertisers] complained, and she doesn't do it anymore... people don't want to hear things that take away the $, the "fun", etc. About Mary: JW's DO believe Mary had conceived through the Holy Spirit. EASIEST TO REMEMBER: If the Bible says it, they believe it. If the Bible does NOT say it, investigate. As far as the King James Version; it was commissioned by King James- he ordered a new translation in the 1600's, and it was made the official Bible of the Catholic Religion. THAT is why it is so popular. Many Catholics in the world. No one now still says Thee and Thou, but the KJ Bible stays. The New World Translation was translated word for word by Linguistic Historians and Scientific Biblical Scholars, not relying on any other, or older translations for meanings of the scriptures. Those translators were not asked to, nor were they allowed to add in, change, or interpret any particular Religious views. THAT is why JW's read and compare other versions of the Bible- NOT for fun, but to MAKE SURE to gain an accurate understanding of God's Word. They research the origins of certain words, as everyone is well aware of controversial scriptures. ASK ONE why they read other versions of the Bible. Seeking the truth- not blindly believing, is part of the Witnesses' doctrine. My advice is to have a list of questions ready when they come to the door. I did. To blindly believe is stupid. To condemn without full knowledge is stupid. To try to force someone to agree to disagree is a moot point. To think you know something because you dated someone that 'used to be part' of something will give you a skewed view. Better: "To each his own", and let it go at that. Much more to it, but I'll be accused of "getting on my Drama Box", like I was in another post; like you "for getting on your soapbox", so I'll be done now. BTW, if you can't get on your soapbox in your own question, for defending yourself, WHERE are we allowed to express ourselves?
  • Because they are not bible based. They are watchtower based. They say they are the one true religion yet nowhere in the bible does Jesus say that a one true religion will come. They also said that armageddon will come about fifty times now. They also changed the bible to say what they want.
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      You need to be sure of your facts. Jehovahs Witnesses believe only the bible, the Watchtower is a magazine with articles relevant to life today. Jesus always spoke about the Kingdom of God. This is a government by God which will remove all earthly governments and rule from Heaven. Jesus spoke of 2 roads, read Matthew 7 v 13 & 14. There is a broad and spacious road leading to destruction and then a narrow road leading to life. Here Jesus is referring to the way of life. He also mentions in verse 22 of those who think they are serving God declaring they are doing good and powerful works. Yet what does Jesus say? "Get away from me you workers of lawlessness". Ye, Jesus does talk about one religion that is pleasing to God. You need to check what your religion teaches you and compare it to what the Bible says. Armageddon is coming. No one knows when, but Jesus gave a list of signs that would indicate its approach. Read Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. These signs have been seen from 1914, with the start of the Great War or WW1. The Bible has not been changed by JWs. All that has been done is translated into language used today. I know I can't cope with the ancient language!
  • If you care see: for the differences between Jehovahs witnesses & Christianity
  • I do not mean to be offensive when I say this and I believe I will most likely be downrated for this, but I would rather tell the truth out of love for the JWs. Most of the JWs do not believe what the Bible teaches, they believe what the Watchtower Society tells them that the Bible teaches. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
    • Butterflies67
      As a JW myself, I have to disagree with your comments. All of Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible, there is no other book that gives the true facts about God, what he has done for mankind and will do for mankind. Look at the world around you, what do you see? Unhappiness, pain, suffering, poverty, famine and disease. The Bible shows that these conditions would exist in the last days prior to God bringing in his Kingdom (government) to rule the earth. You can read these scriptures in all translations of the Bible. 2 Timothy 3 v 1-4, Matthew 24 v 7 onward Matthew 6 v 9 & 10.
  • Well, the most criticism I hear of Jehovah's Witnesses is for proselytizing. However, belief criticism is common between Christian denominations, simply because each believes their way to be the 'correct, Biblical' way.
  • I personally think that we get criticized so much because this is satans world. He is the "god of this system of things" (2 Cor 4:4). And if you want to find out what religion he doesn't like just type all the different religions in to your favorite search engine on-line and see what it says about all of them. It would make sense that, if the bible is accurate and he is indeed this systems god, gods people would be put in a negative light. All those acceptable to satan would appear to be just fine. And if I can find the right words as to not offend anyone or seem to be judging anyone. The JW's really only try to do things according to the bible. Most other religions that I have noticed don't mind the holidays even though all of them are stained or just plain built around pagan belifs. And the pagan beliefs I am talking about can be very accurately discussed on a thousand various web sites or found in all libraries, this isn't stuff forced on us by the Watchtower. The bible itself shows you how Jehovah feels about the pagan nations from Genesis to Malachi. Anyone that wasn't worshiping him properly was again and again totally annialated. People in general don't care what God wants, they care about what they want and anything short of that is going to be rejected. Really my own personal belief is that most people realize that these things are wrong (holidays, smoking, getting drunk, drugs ect...) and if they have someone telling them otherwise that person is rejected. And especially if you go to their door to tell them to just look into their bibles. Just for general knowledge though, when a JW comes to your door they just want to encourage people to look into their own bibles and to share a quick thought with you. See Matt. 24:14
  • the bible says that the true religion would be criticized, maligned, hated for practicing the truth. we live in a world that refuses to come to grips with the truth. the truth can be very hurtful to most. to some the bible says that it "will set you free". (john 8:32) however, the majority of the world population choose to be influenced from sources that oppose the truth of the bible. especially those that consider themselves christians, these are the most confused, and misguided individuals that exist. it is hard to show them the truth, because they have been led to believe they know the bible. yet these choose to believe doctrines that do not originate in the bible. these teachings include the immortality of the soul, hellfire, the trinity, to name a few. they also engage in practices that are not supported by the bible. these being celebrating christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, etc. also, they involve themselves in the politics of the world as well as engage in killing their fellow humans in wars. these are also activities that the bible does not support. so Jehovah's Witnesses truly are very different, for the reason that we abide strictly by what the Scriptures stipulate.
  • To me it becomes really evident, that the suffering that religions are praying to be released from was suffering that they have imposed on themselves(and me). The Devil/Beast they live in fear of was really themselves: it was man, not some mythological demon, that wants to destroy man in the end. And this beast had been created out of they're fear. I don't blame man to believe, that is what we are meant to do. I resent the shut doors, and intolerance towards others. How those that call themselves lesser then god, and yet are able to know exactly what he wants. Just a thought.
  • The Jehovah wittnesses bible is written strictly for JW's and is not a true translation. If a JW will take their bilinear bible and compare it with their bible they will find many errors in their bible or so I have been told by those much more versed in this than I am.
    • Butterflies67
      Jehovah's Witnesses use the New World Translation because it is written in modern day language so that all can understand. The only difference between that and the King James or the International version is that it has restored God's name in 7000 places where it had been removed by other translators.
  • I just think that most people wont understand what its all about and so ignorence leads to them being like this, But their is so many hateful things being said about them which just not true and i dont ever here anything hatefull coming from them. It seems to me that is these peole going on and on about jehovahs Witneses that are trying to push their opinions and sick accusations on to others. It has been an eye opner to see so many people with such vendictivness toward others are such an easy target. The Jews were treated like this and look what happened their!!! its just bigotry
  • I think that their belief that the end of the world is nigh is one reason, rather like the 'rapturists'. Also, they go from door to door trying to 'recruit' people. As their beliefs are different from the people they are trying to recruit, they engender fear and suspicion with possible images of cults and brainwashing.
    • Butterflies67
      JWs do not recruit people. It is not a commercial organisation that needs workers. People only become JWs because they have studied the bible and find that it is a way of Life that can bring peace and happiness, not just now but in the future. They make that decision themselves. Fear is fear of displeasing God just as you would fear hurting someone you love. This is not a cult and there is no brainwashing (unless it is to clear your mind of the immorality of this world).
  • Because rather than keeping it as 'their' belief they drag it from door to door to pin it on others
  • I don't,but it does make me mad that they go door to door bothering people,I think this should be illegal.I don't care what anyone's personal beliefs are that is there personal business,but keep it to yourself.
  • Are you allowed to read any other doctrine other than what is sent to you and published for you by the watchtower society? Have you ever wondered why they do not allow you to read anything other than the bible they issue JW's? Have you ever wondered why you would not be able to attend another church if you wanted to visit the church with your other family members? This is why. Because JW's follow the laws of the watchtower not the laws of God.
    • Butterflies67
      Actually, they can read other literature, its just that they choose not to. The law of God (10 commandments) actually said not to mix with other religions.
  • Watch this video, and then you'll see why.
  • If Ur Teaching were strictly from Scriptures commonly accepted by all, there would be no problem, but it's not & so the "Rub". I Personally have problems with "Christian Groups (Religions)" that I call the "Do-Do" churches!!! They say: "To be 'Saved' is a good start, but U know, U also have to "Do" This or "Do" That or God won't "Do" for U", hence "Do-Do"!!! So, for me, These are reasons to not like the cult, but the people can be cool as any, just generally "Duped" into the "Organization". John
  • I can think of a couple of reasons: 1) People tend to criticize what they don't understand. 2) People don' like to be bothered by someone going door to door trying to sell them on something they don't necessarily want.
  • Who's to say that any bible is right!! the question is, should the bible have been translated in the first place. the argument of , Whos right !!! whos wrong comes from the ego!!!!! certainly not Jesus or the bible!!!!
  • Because if you take away from the Trinity and separate that , that is false doctrine.
  • Maybe because they have a few bad apples which gives them a bad name. However, doesn't matter which religion you choose there will be always be a few who do not live up to the standards required.
  • From what I can see, it's typically (not always) other Christian denominations who criticize the BELIEFS of Jehovah's Witnesses. From what I know, it's typically (not always) non-Christians who criticize the PRACTICES of Jehovah's Witnesses (mainly in proselytizing). (There are Christians who claim this as well, but just make sure that if you do, that you know that your denomination never proselytizes either - otherwise you may be accused of setting a double standard.)
  • Witnesses beliefs are drastically different than what the bible teaches: They do not believe in deity of Christ; the Trinity of God; that man has a spirit; that we go to heaven or hell after death; that being born again is he only way to be saved; that we are saved by faith alone; that Christ will return again (they think He already has in 1914 ); that Israeli's are Gods chosen people and that gentiles are saved by grace, and on and on. These are MAJOR differences that they say they can prove with scripture, but can they? Many of the scriptures they use have been changed from the original Greek and Hebrew meanings to support their beliefs, NOT the other way around. There are over 5000 manuscripts to cross reference, that have been scrutinized buy scholars for years and years for the complete accuracy of the bible, yet they change it to suit their position, is this not wrong? Gods word is sacred, holy and complete, without them changing it.
  • it's not criticism, it is just my reasoning of it being too far away from God...1) no church in NT or temple in OT had a CORPORATE HEAD, such as Watch Tower..they maintain theirselves and flock individually with all other like minded helping where needed...2) they do not TITHE, as of Old or New, which is NECESSARY else Jesus would not of made a point to sit and watch and bring out the widows penny point!! we are to give always to spread the WORD(included is the man who teaches it, and they don't do this either, corporate does not allow it, they teach, their way)TITHES were and always will be to help the poor, widowed , fatherless, unfortunates(as in loss of job, sickness,disasters, etc.)Watch Tower demands this control. Jw's witness excessively but do not go out amongest the heathen, as Jesus did to HELP or aid...only themselves and this is WRONG...3) they changed John 1:1-3serios business here folks 4) they can take away from Jesus church , and only Jesus has that POWER....4) they are PRESUMPTUOUS as most, only they know and worship GOD the true way...5) the bible explicitely tells of false prophets and prophecies and the Time is revealed to NO ONE , yet they do it anyway!!that alone should be enough ...6) they claim nobody elae knows God's name but them....this is their main tactic for an ignorant person..7) they make millions "stumble" because of Christmas.."if it's in MY Name , leave them alone"..8) the Lord's supper, once a yr. , HE said "Do In Remebrance of Me", sooooo, u only remember once a yr.???come on!!! this could go on and on...but there are lots of reason's I can't reason from their reason , because they are "controlled"..and even more so than Catholics!!!! There is 1 good aspect, and if all were as this, God would of never needed a Chosen or Levitical Laws.....every kingdom hall is sychronized all over the world!!!every k.hall has the same material and same subject ..thats alot of money and paper work , but Watch Tower is good...God not even God had it this GOOD and orderly with Israelites, tried isn't supposed to be nor did God say it would be.... its opposition and we can't have it unless we have Bible Knowledge...and none of us individually or group related has all the answers...but they claim to ....
  • they critize jehovah witness because....well Jehovah witness plainly blows :D:D:D:D HAHAHAHAHA
  • I think they probably suspect that their beliefs aren't entirely based on the Bible.
  • I still haven't seen a scriptural quote that says you must believe Jesus is God to be 'saved'. "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." (John 17:3) Taking in knowledge is the beginning to salvation. And that knowledge must be of God AND Jesus, whom God sent forth. Still waiting on that Bible quote...
  • people are scared of the truth. because if its true than there will be life changes. in everything that they do.. an most people wont except that all there life they have been led the wrong way.. an who wants to belive that christmas is a sorcers holiday. no one wants to belive that. people has so many bad opinions on jw. why dosent people speak out an try to prove them wrong.. or has people tried an figured out that they know what there talking about.. all they do is try a teach the word of the truth an the ones that critize would rather go on living a lie..
  • The Watchtower/JW New World Translation bible is different from vertually all other Bibles. john 1:1 in the Watchtower bible says that Jesus "was a god". All other Bibles I have ever seen in John 1:1 say: "And the Word was God". Something is vastly different in the Watchtower bible. If Jesus was/is an angel, as the Watchtower and it's followers/slaves believe, he would not qualify to be the Savior, the Son of God or the son of man. Please read all of Hebrews chapter 1. Please read Luke 4:8 as well. Those who give lip service to believing in Jesus while rejecting Jesus as being Lord are twisted spiritually. They may be nice, decent and good neighbors, but Cristian from the clasical sense of the word they do not fit. If I hated JW's, I would not take the time to correct their error in this most critical matter. I do realize that it is God who removes the blinders from all of our eyes so that we can receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. This forum also helps other people with questions to get answers from Scripture without feeling pressured by a salesman of a religion they are clueless about. I have no denomination to drag another person into. I do not attend any church. I will not steer you to any church denomination. May God keep you safe from these non-Christian cults who would draw you away from the Biblical Savior.
  • You assume that JW's have Biblical beliefs about who Jesus was and is. Your question should be: Why do so many born again Christians stay silent when JW's open their mouths spreading false doctrine about who Jesus is? Now, let's cut to the chase and see who cares to step up to the plate and get this topic moving in the right direction.
  • People do not like to be told that what they think and believe MAY be wrong... J.W's only ask people to look at the scriptures... Then once that decision is made, proving humbleness, then God's holy spirit will help them understand. (2 Corinthians 4:4) among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.
  • Hello AbbyGuy, we should all have love for one another as we are all Brothers & Sisters having descended, everyone of us, from Adam & Eve! I hope the following makes sense ! I am not real smart but, I am constantly reading the Scriptures to gain more understanding. I am not worthy to call myself a Witness of Jehovah or a Christian! I do believe in the Creator and his Son with all my heart & all my soul! My studies on the subject of HIs Name have convinced me it is Good to Call Him Jehovah! Even tho there is no way to know the exact pronunciation of God's name as signified by the "Four Letters", YHWH. found in even the earliest authenticated copies of the Scriptures ever discovered. We can still say it as close as our knowledge allows just as we do with the name of Jesus! As you may know, the name of Jesus is an english pronunciation that is as close as we can get to the real one because no one really knows the proper way to say it either. No one living has ever heard the name pronounced as it would have been 2000 yrs ago in the original Hebrew tongue! In Greek it is spelled & pronounce differently as it is in endless numbers of languages! Yet english speaking people have no problem using the name Jesus even though it may originally have been pronounced Yeshua or Yehoshua or....? Nobody really knows so, most english speaking peoples agree to use the form Jesus so long as it is said with all the sincerity & respect due its Owner! This is done with all names in the Bible! (one interesting note: not one time in the Bible is God's Holy Spirit given or called by a name.) Now, when it comes to The Name of True GOD, some people constantly argue its "unknown how to pronounce" so they say no to calling him Jehovah! As long as we use the name with the proper Love, Respect & Sincerity Due Its Owner, we should enjoy being able to talk to and about the Creator in such a personal way! How can you really come to know a person without first learning their name! Now, however, I do know the following; A thing is either true or it isn't! The Holy Scriptures are either from The "Almighty GOD", The "I AM", the "Creator of the Universe"... or it isn't! Meaning,, it should be always be beneficial for teaching, for setting things straight and the answers to the bible should be found in the bible! It is its own reference work. There can be no conflict if it is truly the Revelation of God's Divine Will and Purpose for Mankind & Creation as recorded by 60+ Men and 2 Women as they were helped by the Power of God's Holy Spirit over the course of thousands of years! If its source is truly Jehovah God, the Maker Of ALL Things, should it not also be 100% TRUTH!! It Cannot be anything in between or it would not be 100% True therefore actually making it False! It either is 100% True or 100% False! I personally believe Jesus when He says it is THE TRUTH! So, since we have clearly established its The Word of God Almighty and the Truth ,,,, It clearly states in the Bible that at No time has any Man ever seen God! Never! For No Man may look upon God and yet live! However, many many people saw Jesus before He died and after He was Resurrected By Jehovah! Jesus is God's Son,, not God Himself! Otherwise nobody could have looked at Him and Lived! There can be NO contradiction in a Book of 100% Truth, the Author Being the True God of the Universe! JEHOVAH God In Heaven Let Your NAME Be Sanctified(Hallowed Be Thy Name), Let Your Kingdom Come, Let Your Will Be Done! Let the Undeserved Kindness Of Jehovah be Sufficient !
  • I think it is because most people dont know what the JW's beleive. Also some times at the door they can be a little pushy and say things that could be taken as harsh. Also some of the beleifs appear a little odd like not celebrating birthdays.
  • I dont think they are critized for theirr Bible based beliefs. If so please list a few of your Bible based beliefs. I have a verse for the questioner? Who is this? Psalms 50:1 KJV The mighty God, even the LORD!hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. Jehovah or Michael? Joshua 22:22 NIV The Mighty One,God, the LORD! The Mighty One, God, the LORD! He knows! And let Israel know! If this has been in rebellion or disobedience to the LORD, do not spare us this day. Jehovah or Michael.
  • This is an excellent question. Jesus gave us a glimpse of this while he was here on earth. “The world has hated them,” Jesus Christ said of his followers, “because they are no part of the world.” (John 17:14) By keeping themselves separate from the world​—its politics, ways and attitudes—​true Christians often become objects of ridicule and outright hatred. But such separateness may also serve as a protection in times of political upheaval. A man living in a South American university city found this to be true in his case. He was very active at the university in directing political activities. Then, his casual interest in the Scriptures, sparked by a conversation with one of Jehovah’s witnesses, developed into a serious study of the Bible. Learning the Christian view of noninvolvement in politics, he gradually withdrew from his circle of friends and their ideologies. His former friends and political associates scoffed and ridiculed what they termed his “newfound ignorance.” Time and again he explained his Bible-based stand to them. Then, in the early part of the 1970’s, a sudden turn of events in the political scene brought a change of attitude toward the ideologies that this man had once supported. His former associates were either exiled, imprisoned or killed. How happy he is to be alive and free today because of having taken his stand as a disciple of Jesus Christ! For more information on this subject please visit jworg.
  • Because their beliefs are NOT bible based beliefs, they are created by men, and the organisation.
  • That's because they depend on man-made traditions. Charles Taze Russell predicted Christ's return occurred in 1874, and boy were they wrong. Matthew 24:36 "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only."
  • Why do you assume that's why they are being criticized?
  • Jesus Christ the son of God. not a trinity and not God. Mainstream religions teach that God is a Trinity, but the Bible does not teach this. Neither did Jesus agree with this. He always said that his Father was God Jehovah and that he did the will of his Father. Nor does he accept worship. He directed all glory and praise to Jehovah. He taught his disciples to pray to Jehovah, not to himself. If the Trinity was true, it would be clearly and consistently presented in the Bible. As the Apostles affirmed the Bible is God's revelation of himself to mankind, To be able to worship God acceptly we need to know just who God ism and the Bible would be clear in telling us that. It is the basis for True Christians. Jesus himself repeatedly said "it is written". Matthew 4 v 4 & 7, Luke 24 v 27. Since the Bible can set things straight, it should clearly reveal information about a matter as fundamental as the Trinity is claimed to be.
  • Most people don't criticize Witnesses for any belief that is SOLELY Bible-based. . . . . It's all of those beliefs that are based on the Bible and "other" (whether it be unsound reasoning, the imagination of man, or whatever) that they are most often criticized for promoting.
  • Friend it was Jesus Christ that gave the Great commission a command go you therefore and Make disciples of people of all the world baptizing them in the name of the Father the name of the son and the name of the holy Spirit and teach them to do everything I've told you to do. Friend the majority of people will say and do everything they can possibly do to avoid going to work take a look at the modern stimulus that's going on people won't take the vaccine cuz they want to stay getting freebies. They don't want to accept the words of Jehovah's witnesses and the Bible that says it's time to go to work! So they make literally hundreds of thousands of excuses why we can't listen to Jehovah witnesses or the Bible because God forbid we would have to go to work and preach the gospel like Jesus Christ said to do.

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