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  • No. I have class, and your boyfriend needs to realise you're not Jenna Jameson.
  • I guess the question is "why don't you wear underwear?" And as far as getting turned on by this. I guess I can only answer for myself. There is something about an Upskirt moment that is a turn on. But with this I think I would rather catch a glimpse of panty that pussy. Now, if I was "with" you and knwoing you had nothing on underneath, would be turn on...means quicker and easier access for a quickie.
  • I always loved it when my girlfriend weared a dress or skirt. Although I wouldn't aprove of her not wearing any panties under, it would be a bit skanky like Paris Hilton.
  • As a guy, it turns me on when my girlfriend and I go out and she wears a dress or skirt with no panties. However, my current girlfriend is very conservative and would never do this but my exes did and I found it to be exciting. Something simple to add a dash to the sex life and something to look forward to. A fun little game to play.

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