• The cold hard truth is many people flow through life on their current emotional state of mind. Unable to adjust themselves to flow with those around them. When they are serious they expect everyone to be serious and when they are joking around they get upset with someone that is being serious. They will not accept anything but what they see and feel at that given moment. When it comes to places like this website, they never seem to fit in much. They are a loner because they can't see past themselves. Sadly enough they are not here to help anyone but themselves. Sure they may at times give great answers that could be helpful to many but this is not their intent. They do so to look superior to others.
  • Not everybody is humorous by nature. As far as AB in concerned, unless you mention that humor is welcome, people cannot know whether you expect humorous or serious answers, if they can't make that from the question. So to be on safer side, they give serious answers.
  • A lot of people take life to serious..we aint here long enough for that. Treating life with a sense of humour makes it more bearable.....and in my own case, I'm working whilst I post on AB...I dont have the time to be to serious... If I want to do serious then theres Wiki,Yahoo,Google and numerous other search engines to give you a serious answer...but you dont get the same fun as you do on AB...and there's always the points system.....which nobody wants, or course....makes you howl dont it.....
  • Those who take life too seriously forget how to smile So be happy and make others happy and as far as your question is concerned as long as you ask sensible and interesting questions I don't think anyone would have any problem with you :)
  • im sure someone will give you a serious answer but you dont really think ill be that person do ya? LOL!! j/k!
  • Because pigs don't fly.
  • Like everyone else, people take life too seriously at times. Many look at AB as an information site and nothing else. I love and enjoy the nature of your questions and look forward to reading and answering them whenever I get the chance. Don't ever stop! Laugh lots, live large and love life, cuz we are not going to be here forever! Thank God, I don't think I could go for another round!!
  • Laughter (humor) is the best medicine. Life is to short to take everything serious...
  • bcoz they are serious abt their life, bcoz the are human being dont worry i am here from alpha charlie planet ,
  • Short answer...It's a mystery wrapped in a enigma!
  • 1) I also welcome funny, witty answers because even if they don't really answer the question, they can give some good laugh. And they bring the question back to the top of the question's list. However: - fun can in some situations be considered by some users absolutely inappropriate. I would ponder this before posting a fun answer - I would be careful by making a joke about the asker or their question - some really lame jokes are just annoying. 2) I made it a general rule for myself, for the case where I cannot resist giving a joke answer to a serious question, to give also at the same time a serious answer. 3) I would not be so sure that at least one person will give a serious answer to your serious question. I could observe quite frequently serious questions without a single serious answer, and even if I made my best to give a serious answer when I notice this, some questions in this case could stay further unnoticed from everyone.
  • I like to think I give both. And anyway, it tends to depend on when you answer the question and how many of your friends are reading them. As long as the response isn't nonsense, by all means, inject personality in there and keep AB fun and interesting. I find that quick, witty quips often end up ahead of very thought out, deep responses. Then again, AB is democratic (as far as Q+A is concerned), and so the users can decide what is ranked where. I tend to respect and appreciate the choices and rankings made by my fellow members.

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