• I think part of what happens when a relationship ends is the death of the hope that "this could be the ONE". Once that is gone, you are back at the beginning. I think we mourn the loss of this hope as much as we mourn losing the person in our lives. We also don't like the idea that we are back at square one and have to go through the whole process all over again. I think you need to recognize that you don't really ever "get over" anyone. You loved that person for a reason, and the reason you loved her still exists. It's okay to still love those things about her that attracted you in the first place. You say you "really really loved" her but liked nothing about her, and that seems strange to me. Maybe that's something you need to resolve before launching into another relationship -- "like" someone FIRST and you will probably stand a better chance of success. In the meantime, give yourself time to grieve and think things through about this relationship and your conflicting feelings. You are entitled to grieve, but try to make it productive - lessons you can use next time around. I think things will begin to "make sense".
  • You two have the classic love/hate relationship. i have known couples that fight like cats and dogs with each other, but do not let someone outside try to interfere, they will die for each other. its just a weird love relationship. most of the time these work, believe it or not. The saying that opposites attract each other is true. my wife and i are exact opposites: cancer and a saggitarius. married 41 years and still happy. A relationship is what you make it. aure. you are going to have debates.....heated debates. the bottom line is love. if the love is true, nothing else matters and the bad times will pass.
  • i dont think that you are still in love with are just lonely and you want to feel safe and loved again..thats why u miss honest here, if you had someone that was crazy after you, you would forget about your x..the reason that you still think that you love her is that its hard to let had a very good time with her, you miss that and you dont want to be alone..and thats why you think that you still love her, but even if you two gives it another chance it wont work..the thing you need is a closer..i just say that this relationship is a dead end, move on..and think of the reason that you guys decided it was over..this will be hard but you are only fooling your self to think that you still love her,you just miss the friendship..i will probably get rated down for this ,but i dont care coz iam just beeing honest and saying to you what i think..i wish you best of luck,and i may be wrong at this,and i may be right=) peace=)
  • Alcohol.

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