• I wondered the same thing myself. The idea of shipping off my old jewelry to somewhere I saw advertised on TV and then waiting by the mailbox for a check to show up doesn't strike me as too bright;)
  • You mean I shouldn't have sent all those coins and jewels in? lol - Some people believe if it's on tv, then it must be safe, right?
  • The deal is that gold is a valuable thing to own at a time when economic conditions make the value of the US dollar precarious. These companies try to convince you that your old, unworn jewelry is worth sending in for a few bucks. Then they smelt it down into pure gold and most likely stockpile it somewhere, or trade it in the commodities market. Bottom line is, it is far more valuable than they're telling you it is, and anyone who believes that they're doing you some kind of service is a complete sucker.

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