• What should you do? Keep your distance from your ex. After all, there are good reasons he is your ex, right? It takes two to hug.
  • I told him how i felt... i think im in love with him... i dont want to be cuz i will get hurt.. but he told me that he likes this other girl at his college and he wants to see if things will work out with her first and if not he wants to get back together with me... What should i do?
    • Linda Joy
      Are you really willing to be someone's Back-up Plan?! You're worth more than that!
  • Dont do it!
  • Pending whether you have children or not,you know him best never take anyone's advice when it comes to your own heart.
  • Hurry and build the wall back. No I am joking there must be a reason he is your EX, think long and hard about that.
  • Try to think that it was just a hug, try not to get excited for no reason

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