• Sounds like the relationship is dying, to me. He may have someone else, he may be looking, he may be bored.
  • All are danger signs. You might want to get a PI on him and see what he's up to. You can always contact Cheaters and have them find out.
  • Time to call a lawyer....:-P...
  • Instead of the obvious answer, that your relationship is coming to an end, please consider the following: The fact that you have to ask him to say "I love you" says a lot about YOU. The fact that you are forcing conversation, as opposed to allowing it to happen naturally is pushing him away even more. You cannot change another only yourself. You might suggest that he tell you the truth, if you are able to truly hear it. Are you ready to face the world on your own? do you have the courage to move on?
  • Means you too should have a new hobby. He is behaving like a typical male after a few years into marriage!Evasive answers and short term memory.You should put life back into the marriage and if it is not working then look out for some new answers!
  • It means you need to make an appt with either a marriage counselor or a divorce lawyer.

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