• Dump her and explain exactly why you're doing it. She might think about it and re-train herself for the next guy.
  • Be the eternal optimist, that will just upset her. I have a friend that is the same way...try to explain but then you just have to shrug it off and change the subject. There is no fun in being upset all the time.
  • If she's an online friend, delete & block her. If she's someone you see outside your home or speak to just quit having anything to do with her. Don't answer her calls or just tell her your busy. No need in involving your self & bring misery on to you & your family because she don't want to try & help herself. I've recently had to disconnect myself from a couple people like this too. Toxic friends I think they are called. They don't want to change nor do they want to take responsibility for the things they keep doing wrong that brings misery unto themselves they just want to bring you down with them & blame you for what they've done. Good luck
  • In my experience, I try to distance myself from people who are inherently negative. Life's too short to spend with people who concentrate on blaming others for their own shortcomings. I've been in a few situations where I had to be very direct with some people. I simply told them that they were being too negative and that I was going to choose to be around other people. I was courteous but frank. They understood and left.
  • It's a real drain being around someone like that. The odds that you are going to be able to change their point of view are slim to none. Run away, run away!
  • Tell her 2005 called and they want their emo fad back.
  • If you really care about her, then keep going out with her and be very upbeat. Everytime she complains about something, point out a positive. She may not even be aware of how she is and you could end up rubbing off on her. If she continues to be miserable, find the nearest exit, being around negative people is draining.
  • What do you have in common? What drew you to her? I think honesty, trust and accountability are very important character traits, especially in grownups. You cannot change such people if they get payback from that attitude. Always blaming others for one's own predicaments can get boring very quickly. You either have to develop the patience of a saint or find another "friend". Happy Thursday! :)
  • It sounds like whatever you do, eventually she'll blame you for not being a good friend anyway, so if you've really had enough of her shrug her off by politely telling her she needs to lighten up.
  • I keep toxic people out of my life. Personally, I would drop the friendship, it isnt worth the time, the drama, the annoyance, the stress, or the headaches.
  • That's a friend?
  • Tell her you don't like it.
  • Friends like that you DONT need honey.. you have enough to cope with.. sounds to me she has a massive chip on her shoulder about something.. keep away from her, she will only drag you down. ((((hugs))))

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