• Perhaps the smell attracts him. Just shut the door, easy solution.
  • one of my dogs will follow me into the bathroom, every where i go. Its because she is insecure. the others just lay in the living room and watch me walk around the house.
  • Your dog sounds very devoted to you. I wouldn't let him in the bathroom with you let alone lick you while you are peeing. Let your dog know there are boundaries. I saw this happen with a ranchers son in Wyoming. He let his dog follow him into the bathroom at a bar and it made everyone very uncomfortable.
  • My little female follows me into the bathroom quite often and will try to jump up on me. I don't get angry but it certainly isn't the most hygenic thing. Since I am female too, I've told my husband that I think she's a lesbian (just kidding, don't get into an uproar.) Usually, I close the door, and she will stand outside and whimper. On the rare occasions that the door is open,this is generally her behavior. This doesn't trouble me in the least, because she's a small dog and totally non-aggressive but I wonder why she does it. She has no interest in my husband when he's in the bathroom. The behavior that does kind of turn my stomach is that she licks her own urine. She seems fascinated and pulled to it and it's become harder to make her stop using verbal commands. She has to take that last lick. The dogs always have fresh water and although she does have a blood disorder for which she has medication, she's an otherwise healthy little dog. We've asked our vets but they don't have an answer.

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