• Forget your ex you tool. She's either got it in her to cheat or she just isn't happy/satisfied in the relationship you two had. You said you don't want to hurt your new girlfriend so don't. It is that simple. If your new relationship doesn't feel "right" as you put it, end it. Just don't do it because you want to go back to getting screwed over. Which could bring up the next issue in which you should ask yourself if you like being in relationships with women who walk all over you.
  • it soundss like you have trouble being alone. You jumped from one relationship to another never allowing yourself time to mourn the loss of a failed relationship. Remember she cheated on you dude. twice. How can you miss someone like that? Dont be a doormat. I dont think she took into account your feelings when she cheated on you twice. She obviously didnt care enough for you to be considerate of your feelings. I dont see how you could worry about hurting her.
  • This is one situation where pride comes in handy; never think about going back with her just because of what it'll do to your reputation and confidence. Be happy with your new girlfriend! (It'll spite your old one too!)
  • maybe if you would just tell your "new girlfriend" how feel then there would be no problem. or maybe if you were straight up with her then there would be no issues. ughhh guys make me sick. MAYBE you should have just left girl 1 alone then this whole thing wouldnt have happened. MAYBe you shouldnt have ever contacted girl 2 and then you can be happy with lil wifey for lifey. pig
  • Why do you rush from one relationship to another? You're gonna end up with different face, same person that way. Get it?
  • Why are you with a new gf if you weren't over the old one in the first place? First rule of dating, never ask someone out unless you're completely over your old beau. As for the old gf move on, she cheated on you which means she really wasn't that into you anyways. find someone that will respect you and love you and preferably not cheat on you. good luck :)
  • dude, youll get over it! if you go back to her shes gonna do it again, you cant trust her and if you cant trust than there is no way you should love her. im guessing your young,(teenager) and if you are than go have fun, forget about love..
  • you shouldnt get involved with someone els when u still have felling for your ex.. u'll end up hurting her and your self..if your x cheated on you twice and you forgave her she'll do it again .. no dout about that .. cuz she'll knw that she can get away with it every time and that you cant leave without her.. i say focus on your new relationship and try to work thing out and 4get about ur x.. you deserve someone who respects you and loves you and be faithfull to you.. good luck...
  • i would stay with your new girlfriend,your old one can give you an std
  • i would stay with your new girlfriend,your old one can give you an std

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