• I was brought up in the religion of Mormonism. It's not that i don't believe, it is just that i don't agree with everything they teach. I don't want to call my self one religion if i can't say it is the TRUE religion. I believe every religion has some truth to it. I believe in god and have him in my heart, it is enough for me. I don't have to GO to church to be a religious person.
  • Not at all. We are of Armenian descent. I attended Armenian Apostolic church...then later, we joined a Presbyterian church and I taught Sunday School classes to 3rd graders. I enjoyed it. Never felt as if anything were being forced down my throat! :)
  • Noooo. I'm lucky to have been born and raised religion free
  • In a way, yes. I was brought up going to Church every now and then as a Christian. After I gained to capacity to really think religion through, I realized that I did not have the same beliefs as Christianity. When I was thirteen, I accepted more of a Pagan belief system. But in no ways am I outwardly hostile toward those who believe in God. The only reason I would have to get defensive or hostile is if such an individual tried to push their religion onto me. - Which, unfortunately, *has* happened.
  • I was sent to church every sunday but told, by my parents, that none of it was true. And so I did not believe it and drove my teachers crazy. Years later tho I became a Christian.
  • No, I was very comfortable with what I was taught and how, by my mother, not by my father who was against all religion but he tolerated it for my sake so I would grow up to be a 'good girl'. lol! But I developed an interest in spiritual things that I thank my mother's efforts for and later learned even more on my own as I chose. But I do thank my mom for giving me that seed or spark of interest.
  • Is that not the point? There's no such thing as a willingly-Christian or willingly-Muslim, or willingly-whatever child - children don't have the intellectual capacity to choose an all-encompassing belief system. Even more sad, is that most people grow up not even realizing they've been manipulated; thinking, "I'm proud of my religion - it's the true way"...when in fact, it's just whatever way their parents forced them to believe.
  • No, i was not brought up in a religious background. My parents and i have never been to church together. They did not say much about their religious beliefs, though. They waited for me to form my own opinions and questions. When i started questioning things and asking stuff, they gave me an overview of what Christianity was and i decided that was not what i believed. I am glad i was not forced to go to church. No better way to get a kid to hate something then to shove it down their throat or threaten them. I will let my kids decide for themselves what they believe.
  • I was raised in a Baptist church and I NEVER liked it, it was boring to me. I am now a member of a nondenomination church and I LOVE it.Oh and my mom also goes to my church now.
  • I grew up in a Nazarene church and hated it so much, my mom would bring me and my brothers every Sunday. It was stressful for her and in the early 90s we left for good. Went to a Baptist Church a fews times (Just because a girl I had a huge crush on went there). Then when I was 16 I went to Pentecostal Church for a few months. It was a great experience for a while but very exhausting. I was visiting the church about 4 or 5 times a week (sometimes everyday all week). My grades suffered badly and just left because of that and conflicts with peoples beliefs and ways of doing things. (Strict dress code for women, no make up allowed, only wear long skirts everywhere you go including school, and no dating someone outside of a pentecostal church).
  • I was Christened Catholic... and then they gave up on me. I was the last of 5 kids so... They eventually gave up on everything when it came to me.
  • I was brought up Independent Baptist, and while I played church for a WHILE, it is now not at ALL about Christianity but Christ.
  • i was never given a religion nor do i follow 1 now, never thought about joining 1 either.
  • Yes. My family are day-age creationists and believe in new-age spiritualism. One aunt heals people with her mind through meditation, my other aunt and grandmother speak to the dead and guide them toward heaven. We are watched over not only by God but by our spirit guides. Everything that happens can be connected to the spirit world. I'm forced to go along with these things although I don't believe in it. Only my mother knows that I don't believe in any of it, and it's caused a lot of tension between us, and between me and the rest of the family.
  • I was brought up in a religiouse environment and i licked it, but when i grew up i did'nt like it anymore and i left!
  • I was brought up as a Pure Land Buddhist but at the time did not know much about the religion. I started to shop around and studied others religions whilst I was in uni. In the end, it was my love for the animals that turned me back to Buddhism since it strongly encourages people to take on a vegetarian diet out of pure compassion and not out of fear to please some jealous god for protection or mercy. Buddhism is not into these sort of primitive superstitions created by man, but teaches self responsibility for your own actions, and I was all for it because I already was a vegetarian and scientist with an open mind.
  • i was brought up with 2 religions back and forth, i didnt mind cuz i was little but now im not a big fan of religion personally
  • Yeah, then I explored a bunch more...and eventually landed on what makes sense to me. I can't say it'd make sense to anyone else tho, so good luck!!

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