• i mightve had that happen but cant think of it exactly, but ive been thinking about this certain person and then saw her today
  • Yes, in a round about way.
  • my past dreams appeared unexpectedly in an unexpected place and time.... but i am hoping to meet today the person i dreamt last night . xD
  • Never, I've dreamt dome lovely ladies and I'm still looking for them. I'm easy I'll settle for 2nd best!
    • Myang
      as i've said. you will meet them unexpectedly. some of dreams as well are just a sign or warnings for a certain happenings. don't try to look because you're not going to see them that way xD
  • I had a dream about him and us but didn't actually see him in the dream. Not that I remember. I wrote the dream down but it was stolen when thieves broke into my house and took my computer. : (

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