• not really to be honest, i was going to go to the senior center for lunch today but when i got some eclipse glasses i was going to wear to go there i realized i wouldnt be able to see at all walking there so i cancelled the lunch there and stayed home, i didnt want the sun to accidentally hit my eyes while all that was going on, those eclipse glasses, i might want to use them for sleeping, theyre a lot darker than a sleep mask would be
    • Linda Joy
      I used one of those thick ski headbands when I had the privilege of sleeping directly in the blaring bathroom light! Got it for .59 at the thrift store and thought that would make a great eye mask! It did, too! God provides in so many ways every day!
  • After sharing my picture with my sister she sent me the one she took. She didn't use solar glasses on her lense. It was cloudy for her but shooting through them actually helped tone down the brightness and give shape to the sun blur.
    • Linda Joy
      The one you sent me was beautiful! What an awesome, powerful experience! Still gives me shivers! Wow!
  • 8-22-2017 I didn't bother making any preparations, because it was only about 25% in my area, but I did notice the sunlight dimmed noticeably.
    • Linda Joy
      It did here too! It was a little eerie! But I didn't prepare to watch directly. I planned to see pics online.
  • I saw it from the beginning to 99%. From an airport window, and then from my window seat while we were still on the ground. My pics weren't good since they were taken on my phone through eclipse glasses. At its peak it looked like a thin upside down moon sliver. It was very cool, but, I wish I had been outside in some nature during it.
    • Linda Joy
      That must have been pretty awesome!
  • 8-22-2017
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I hope everyone prepared properly!
    • ARTICFOX700
      Did you catch the picture of Trump looking directly at the eclipse. Priceless, our Leader
  • I saw the total eclipse on Aug 21, 2017, and will be going to see the next one on April 28, 2024. It will cross the path taken by the 2017 eclipse and I'll be sitting in the same place I saw it in 2017.

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