• Can someone answer my question.
  • some people might, not sure what you mean by matrix
  • You never know; our entire universe as far as we can ever measure, could actually be a speck of dust in an infinitely larger universe. And the apocalypse came and went in 2012. And "Y2K" was actually a thing.
  • I didn't think so but so many strange things happened during trump I am seriously starting to wonder whether the conspiracy theorists are right?
  • If anyone believes we are in a matrix, their head is in the sci-fi movies meaning they are delusional and can’t prove their point. At least I know the matrix is just a movie franchise
  • There are some real physicists who are convinced that the Universe is in fact some sort of "virtual reality". It's a real scientific theory, with real adherents. If you read the entire article, you will see that the researchers clearly point out that their finding only excludes the possibility of our Universe being a virtual reality constructed by a computer ***that also exists in this Universe***. NOW...I'm not saying that I believe that our Universe is some sort of "virtual reality". CONCLUSIVE evidence, one way or the other, has yet been discovered.

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