• confront her. make sure that she's angry with you because it's jealousy, and not another reason. if it is another reason, maybe there's something you can do to fix things between you to. if it is jealous there's nothing to do, she'll never be happy as long as you're the harder worker or the one receiving attention. you can tyr giving her compliments, real ones, not obviously fake ones, but she might think you're being condencending and the conflict may get worse. If all else fails, ignore her, she'll stop after she sees she has no effect on you
    • Mircat
      Confrontation is not being professional and is a good way to escalate the problem.
  • Be nice - it freaks people out when they continue to be rude and your response is nice. They have no recourse as you have been only nice!
    • BRG
      YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT... don't give her any reason to dislike you more, like complaining to your boss JUST GO ABOUT YOUR DAY AND JOB DUTIES AND IGNORE HER as best you the end, you will be the winner.............
  • Make it a point to be extra nice to her especially in front of your collueges.... They will wise up to her cruel intentions.. By all means DO NOT gossip about her though, it only makes you look bad. Work your but off give NO ONE a reason to say anything bad about you. Do your job and worry about your life outside of your job. She may have a very hard life and is probably jealous of the new girl.
  • Since this is your workplace, act professionally towards her at all times unless she is being genuinely friendly. Do not 'confront' her or ignore her, but treat her as you would if she were a difficult client - someone you have to deal with but don't have to like. If you have any difficulty with this, confide on your boss with whom you seem to get along well. He/she may have some insight into your co-worker's poor behaviour and may have some suggestions; if not, just keep on acting professionally. This will reflect well on you and should impress your boss with your maturity and your 'team spirit.' I realize that this may not be easy, and you may not be the first person whom she has treated this way. It may not have anything to do with you personally, she may just be be one of those people who always singles out someone for nasty treatment and it doesn't matter who it is. If the mean behaviour persists and it starts to interfere with your work, it's time to get your managers involved as it then becomes a workplace issue that they must deal with - everyone has the right to a respectful workplace.
  • Kill her with kindness, and be respectful at all times. This person will eventually "hang herself with her own rope"
  • Watch her close. She is jealous, so she will try and put you down behind your back to the bosses and watch she might screw with your work to make you look bad. And she might flirt with you and then turn you in for sexual harrassment.
  • kill her with kindness. i never believed this actually worked until i tried it with myself. if your nice to her she has no other choice but to be nice to you. and if she truely has someting against you it will crush her to have to be nice to you.
  • You should still be kind to her. Be as nice as you can be without being sarcastic and may be one day she will have a change of heart. If you keep on being nice eventually people will stop being mean to your face and don't take on her emotions. The way she is this is not your fault. It is her problem not yours. She may be like this towards others too. May be you can help her see the light. :)
  • Ask your boss if he would defer his compliments to you privately. Tell him you appreciate his compliments but they're provoking jealousy with your workmates. Then make sure you compliment and give alot of positive attention to the girl who is mean and probably jealous. Return her meanness with kindness and try to win her over to being your friend. Perhaps take her to lunch and get to know her and befriend her.
  • See both sides of the coin, if you are new and getting all the attention and everyone is going gaga over your incredible job that you are doing - well maybe she does a good job too - but she is not like you with everyone complimenting you and telling you what a great job you are doing. How would you feel - if you were her? Would you resent the new person who is just incredible? You sound like you know you are.
  • Do not confront her. This is a professional environment not a school playground. You could ask her to lunch. Tell her you sense a problem and you'd like to make things right so everybody is happy and you'd like to buy her lunch so the two of you can be happy. Do not verbally point your finger by saying you said, you do, i heard you.. You sense, you feel, you see. Ask her What you can do for her to be comfortable around you. Tell her what you like about her. Dig for if you have to but find something. With any luck you can find a common ground on something. Good luck.
  • i would just ignore her, she sounds jealous

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