• Terrible Terrible Terrible... Fucking... 133 Republican members and 95 Democrats voted against it :/ WHY WOULD REPUBLICANS VOTE AGAINST IT WHEN BUSH WAS LENDING THEM $700BILLION INITIALLY? NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!! AND NOW WITH 72% STAKE, THEY VOTE AGAINST IT????? ARE THEY NUTS?! Alan Greenspan would have totally advised against this, and Paulson is a moron. That's all I'm gonna say.
  • makes no difference, the bail out would not have helped anymore than a band-aid on the titanic and judging from the previous bailouts even if we did give the money a collapse would happen anyways.
  • Very bad thing.
  • Now all those high price co's should be left out in the cold. Everybody say awwww!
  • where was the money coming from? doesnt anyone want to know? each state has already contributed billions to the war invasion effort. are we to assume each state would have to contribute billions to the bail out the banks bill? I am glad it failed. big business will just have to disinigrate and get back to real prices and honest mortgages.
  • At the moment it's a good thing, but the democrats won't stop trying to change republican votes and they will put it to another vote and again if that fails! Remember everyone the democrats want this bailout to pass not the republicans!

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