• No it is not. You would never be able to reach Joe with that attitude. TO TRY IS WEAK, TO DO THE BEST YOU CAN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. YOU MUST ALWAYS DO BETTER THAN YOU CAN. Which, by the way, is utterly impossible. Yet that is what you stand on Joy.
  • Wouldn't want to be with someone that was not naturally inspired by each others company. On the other hand if someone in need was made strong by what i can offer, sure. But thats not really a relationship of mutuality.
  • depends on what it is
  • Depends. are we talking removal of 2 out of 3 cancer polyps or success in 2 out of 3 average meatloaf songs?
    • Linda Joy
      Unless you are the dimwit you accuse everyone else of being, the description section of the question was sufficient.

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