• Movie theater tickets were a nickle a piece, and my grandmother used to go with her family and spend the entire day there.
  • Made more babies
  • Listen to Music
  • Movies were still a new thing back then and a great diversion from the realities of the depression. This is what the majority of people did. Dances were also quite popular. People visited with each other a lot more back then. With very little money, outdoor activities like swimming and walking in the park were common. Drinking and drugs were a form of entertainment too, and sex, believe it or not.
  • Three of my favorite activities, swimming, biking, and hiking were very popular during the Depression. Camping, another former favorite, was also popular. The board game "Monopoly" was introduced during the Depression, and was immediately popular. As they cost little or nothing, they became popular among people who became unemployed. Radio was more popular than records, and radio sounded more like the TV shows that came later. Some radio programs became TV programs.
  • Ping Pong.
  • sex, yo.
  • They played board games with their families..played cards...went visiting and practiced the fine art of conversation. Public Libraries were busy; people played instruments and had jam sessions anywhere they could; people danced at dances to live music; people listened to street buskers/musicians; read newspapers; listened to the variety shows on the radio; watched sports in real time at the sports fields.....and many other things.
  • My mother told stories of how her father would bring out the violin/fiddle and everyone would dance in the house. Large public dances in the town provided safe entertainment. Churches had functions many participated in such as pie auctions where you would bid on the pie and get the girl who made it for an afternoon date. But on the whole, people back then didn't have a lot of time to get bored. They were working just trying to get something to eat and find a safe place to lay their heads.
  • My father's family listened to the radio, read books and played musical instruments. They really didn't have much time for entertainment, they all worked long hours to get by.

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