• I think it has something to do with walking flat footed verses heel toe method. walking heel toe softens the step.
  • i still say its about weight. i'm kidding. I'm not sure. I guess its like loud nose breathers....just kinda happens, lol
  • No clue. I've often wondered about this phenomenon myself. :)
  • hahah I have a mother who was this way and unfortunately upstairs neighbors. I have come to the conclusion it is how people walk and shift their weight. When people tend to walk on the heel of their foot or the ball of it instead of the entire foot making contact and "rolling" from heel to toe, it makes a jarring motion and the wieght is not distibuted evenly throughout the body. People that tend to walk on their tiptoes a lot do this stomping noise too.
  • I don't know, but if you get it figured out, could you please contact the people that occupy the office above me and give them some walking tips. It sounds like Big Foot works up there!
  • I'm a big guy and I walk light footed but you're right about some being small and you're left with, "all that noise is coming from them?"
  • my ex was heavy footed but he walked flat footed, when i could walk i was very light on my feet.:)
  • I'm not sure, but my cat ran by me the other night, and I thought it was a heard of Elephants, it scard me silly

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