• There where no bodies recovered from the titanic to my knowledge. They rest where they lie. Most likely they have all pretty well decomposed by now.
  • Many bodies were recovered from the sinking of the Titanic; however, none was recovered from the ship after it sank to the bottom.Most were embalmed and buried in Canada.
  • No. There were approximately 2200 people on board the Titanic. About 700 survived and about 1500 perished. After the sinking, a ship called the Mackey-Bennett was sent to try to recover bodies. About 300 bodies were recovered by the Mackey-Bennett. The rest of the bodies remained at sea, and were not recovered.
  • After it sank with lots of people in it, no, they're long gone. A year or two ago I read a book by a guy who has done a lot of research on it and visited it, and they spotted at least one pair of leather shoes lying on the ocean floor, next to each other, with the laces tied. Some poor soul had sunk down to that spot and decomposed away.
  • Most of the bodies died in the water because the water was so cold that they got hypothermia and died.
  • I think there were 757 people that was alive in and today in 2008 there is still 1 person alive that was on the titanic and will tell you what happened
  • Here's some information: Victims of the Titanic Buried in Halifax
  • The ship that actually pulled bodies from the sea was a cable ship named the MacKay-Bennett and only 218 were pulled. Here is a link where you can see the list of bodies recovered, what ticket they were holding and if you click on the name you can get some history (more history if they were first class) and some pictures and information about what they had on them when they were found. Good Luck and I hope this helps you all.
  • you can see it on

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