• Unexpected.........
  • An ending with a twist, like in The Sixth Sense, which makes you want to see the whole movie again!
  • I do like a good surprise ending, but what is really comes down to for me is a happy ending. I am a bit cheesy that way. If a movie doesn't end on a high note I can't help but feel disappointed.
  • In books, I like endings that wrap everything up regardless of whether the outcome is good, bad or a combination. In movies, I prefer endings that leave room for multiple interpretations.
  • Shockingly surprise endings!!
  • 2 kinds. All loose ends tied up kind and generally happy or the kinds where the main protagonist's story is totally finished but there are a few loose threads for me to make my own fantasies about the lives of those on the periphery.
  • The kind that honors what went before. So sometimes a sad ending is best..perhaps bittersweet or uplifting..but sad nevertheless. Sometimes a happy ending rings true. But it must make sense and be plausible or it makes the entire story worthless. Those manufactured "happy endings" when everything logically tells you that it's phony..well, we call them "B" movies or worse. Happy Wednesday! Edward Scissorshands is one of my favorite movies..beautifully acted..infinitely touching..very sad ending. Appropriately so. :)
  • I'm a sucker for "everyone lives happily ever after" kind of endings.
  • I like the ones with the unexpected twists at the end (Primal Fear, Hide and Seek) except for the chick flicks with that type of ending (Message in a Bottle, Here on Earth).
  • Endings that make you think. I haven't seen a trailer for a movie that actually made me want to see it since The Patriot and Lord of the Rings. I haven't seen a movie in the theater in years. Mostly, I've been watching old movies based on classic literature on PBS. I'm so tired of what Hollywood is putting out these days.
  • The ones that give me goosebumps all over, my favorite is "Return to Me" with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. The ending takes place in Italy and... should I go on, or will it ruin it for people? Anyway, the music is fantastic as well. So Sappy and Happy is my answer.

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