• Yes..don't you think I did a great Job:) I tried to post a picture of all of them..but it's not working;) But yes they mean the world to me and if and when my time comes I actually will be somewhat worried about leaving them. So hopefully I will live for another 60 years..and once I see they are all ok then I will be more then happy to leave this world:)
  • They probably would be my finest creation. My kids are good people, and would give the shirt off their backs to anyone in need. I like to think that I had a LITTLE bit to do with that.
  • 100% yes. I must do my part to raise them properly so they will be a credit to me, my family and my species. If none of those occur than the fault is mine.
  • No, the finest creation is what I have given them. The ability to be what ever they dream and work hard to be. To know they are special, they are loved, they are just as good as anyone else. The best creation is the one we make after they arrive!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • I don't have any yet, but I want a baby girl .. I even have a name for her already.. And I am sure she will be the most wonderful girl ever..
  • yes have my children and raising them has been the best thing ive done in my life.:)
  • They are MY finest creation, for sure...and I am already happy knowing that I gave them life.

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