• I don't believe that a baby born here in the US with an illegal mother should be a US Citizen to begin with. But no, deport them both if the mother wishes to remain with the child.
  • we sure shouldn't, it's cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wouldn't they also be Mexican citizens? I thought they had dual citizenship. And it would be wrong to keep a Mexican citizen in this country against the wishes of its guardian.
  • No we definately should not. A baby born in the U.S. of an illegal mother should not be considered a legal citizen.
  • it is a hard decision but decisions have to be made for the benefit of the wider community. Babies and children belong with their mums, so if mum is to be deported, then they should go with her, unless she, herself requests that they stay with legal relatives in the US.
  • Illegal mothers need to be answering this question. They are the ones subjecting their children to instability and a questionable future.
  • If a parent is illegal, so too should be the child. Any event predicated on an illegal act should be illegal.(And shame on the parent for doing this to their own child's future)!
  • I have to ask this one fundamental thing, can an innocent be held responsible for the sins of the parents? The kneejerk reactionaries can be a little too rabid in their "kick out the aliens" rhetoric, but fail to consider that a child does not choose which parents it is born too, so can the child be held responsible? Society is too ready to look for scapegoats, when the economy is not doing well, and those at the top encourage us to fight amongst ourselves for the crumbs. We like dutiful hound will prey on those less able to defend themsleves and children are the most defenseless of all.
  • NO, evaluate this reponse to the inquiry mentioned above. Considering that you, yourself, a person born in a country of an origin (a nation) stated or other country are of that specified country. (i.e. a person born in Germany is a German by national origin therefore is a Citizen of that Country) there are difrences in replys's to: what is your nationality? where were you born? what is your ethicity or ancestral background? however, are several exeption to the fact about, that which a person is born abroad (i.e. due to parent(s)serving in the armed servces of a country and families relocating to a base or on a vaction, etc...) a child born in that country is of that country regardless of the legal status of the parents and would therefore have duel citizenship where it is the first or third child born to a couple; the US does not restrict, limit, or impose laws on that subject another exception are those adopted can obtain citizenship. point of fact is NO-ONE including myself has ANY RIGHT to be claimed to this LAND they call these United States EXCEPT the Original Inhabitens as they are kindly called Native Americans (which only pertains to these United States of america) but should include and not limited to the NATIVES or Original Inhabitens of Canada, Mexico, and South America which does not include French, Spaninards, English or European Descendans.... so then answer me this question are WE all not "illegal aliens" and should be compelled to adhere to the several replies given above if they where in fact the stated LAW", All of us would apply.
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  • The child should and will stay with the mother (parents) wherever they go. The way the law works is that if the mother is deported the child goes with her and at 18 the child can claim the parents and they can all come back legally.
  • Deport mother and child. Tbey have those kids so they can stay.

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